Case PT240 rolls over the competition
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Case PT240 rolls over the competition

Case PT240 rolls over the competition

The new Case PT240 is a versatile eight-wheeled machine designed for rolling hot mix asphalt surface treatments like chip and seal and soil stabilization applications. With its turbocharged engine, the pneumatic tire compactor has power for operating on grades up to 25 degrees and on materials with higher rolling resistance.

A wide compaction surface makes it suitable for large asphalt paving projects and high-capacity water and fuel tanks give operators more time to work for improved productivity.

Automotive-style controls allow for optimal viewing, comfort and control and multi-function equipment displays provide information on engine RPM, engine hours, fuel rate, system voltage and engine load at current RPM. The dual-station cab offers two operating platforms with control levers, switches and gauges.

For compaction of uneven surfaces, floating and oscillating front axles are used with hydrostatic steering and independent axles to provide smooth operation and direction change. Air on-the-run provides the ability to adjust ground contact pressures to meet specific job requirements.

Heat retention aprons include a heavy duty vinyl-type material that traps heat in order to prevent asphalt from adhering to the tire surface.

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