Steel Guardrail Quotations

Steel Guardrail

If you are looking for highway guardrail prices for your next road project then Highways.Today and our global manufacturing partners can help you source the highest-quality guardrail and negotiate the best prices, delivered to the port of your choice.

Highway Guardrail

Guardrail is the most essential item of road safety used all around the world. Also referred to as metal beam crash barrier, guardrail has proven itself time and time again as an indispensable tool in road safety, protecting both vehicles and their occupants, minimising the serious risk of run-off-road accidents, and when used in the median, keeps vehicles from crossing into the path of on-coming traffic.

Guardrail is a vital part of road infrastructure, delivering confidence, and enhancing the safety and value of the roadway.

As well as all types of guardrail, we can supply the full range of guardrail accessories and steel posts, to suit your site project requirements.

W-Beam Highway Guardrail

The traditional collision barrier system employed on highways throughout the world is the W-beam section highway guardrail, which was designed to control accidents by catching a cars bumper and channelling the car to a safe stop to reduce the severity of the collision. W-beam guardrail has been crash tested thoroughly, all around the world, to determine the best design and construction methods to maximise injury prevention.

Guardrail end section Options

  • 90 degree corners protect sharp corners and used to border square parking lots.
  • Flared guardrail end sections, commonly known as flared wings, offer straight and rigid impact protection.
  • Crash end sections are available in a wide variety of designs.
  • Rounded terminal connectors, or half-round buffers are end sections that provide high-pedestrian area protection.
Guardrail Quotations
Guardrail Quotations
Guardrail Quotations
Steel Guardrail

Manufactured to your countries Specifications

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality guardrail and safety components, fully-monitored and fully-tested, and supplied with ISO certification and quality control documentation.

To meet your regional standards, we can manufacture a wide range of guardrail solutions to meet your road authorities exacting standards and specifications.

Every aspect of the guardrail supplied is extensively tested to meet or exceed international industry safety and manufacturing standards, with our steel material expertise, combined with a great deal of experience in both construction and automotive safety we can deliver the perfect safety guardrail solution.

Guardrail applications

  • Roads, highways, motorways, interstates and turnpikes
  • Flyovers and bridges
  • Fast moving traffic areas
  • Embankments and corners
  • Landslide protection areas with trees and rocky areas
  • Median barriers to separate traffic
  • Car racing and test tracks
  • Mountainous and hilly terrain
  • Airports and car parking areas
Guardrail Quotations

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