Plant & Equipment Sales

Plant & Equipment Sales

Plant & Equipment Sales

Highways.Today works with a series of global equipment partners, who can guide you through the maze of procuring, importing, operating and maintaining the best Plant & Equipment that matches your exacting requirements.

New Plant & Equipment

We can source brand new plant & equipment from the leading brands and negotiate the best deals, warranties, and aftercare support.

Quality Used Plant & Equipment

If you are looking for quality used plant & equipment, through our network of dealers, we can source the best equipment to meet your specifications and budget.

New & Used Construction Plant & Equipment
New & Used Construction Plant & Equipment

Productivity & Profitability

Machine downtime costs more than just money.

It is vital your equipment is up-to-date, and fitted with the latest monitoring and reporting technology so you can identify and fix issues before they become an issue, and can automatically schedule maintenance inline with the equipment’s usage and self-reporting diagnostics.

Increasing the productivity and reliability of your equipment translates directly into higher profitability, with fewer defect-related claims and penalties for delays.

Environmental Impact

With the race to NetZero and today’s environmentally aware construction industry, it is vital that you operate equipment that meets the latest emissions standards.

Modern equipment is friendly to the climate and will reduce your CO² emissions, to make your business a green and successful business.

As an added bonus the latest equipment is much more fuel efficient, saving a fortune on the job site.

New & Used Construction Plant & Equipment
New & Used Construction Plant & Equipment

Procurement: Highways.Today and our partners have the background and experience to identify and source the best plant & equipment to suit your specific application.

Importation: From small parts to massive asphalt plants, we will organise the shipping and streamline the importation of your equipment.

Commissioning & Training: Once your equipment has landed, we will make sure your machinery is properly setup and ready to go, along with any training that your operators need to use the equipment to maximise its profitability, and guarantee uptime.

Aftersales support: A machine is only as good as the support network that can keep it maintained and running efficiently, and most of all profitably.

Equipment Finance & Insurance

Working with our partners in the US, UK and Canada, we can bring our specialist knowledge and experience of construction equipment finance to work for you so together we can overcome your challenges and make the most of your opportunities.

Heavy equipment are very expensive assets that work in risky environments where damage to and by the equipment can have unexpected costs.

We can protect your owned or leased equipment so you can work with the peace of mind that you are covered.

New & Used Construction Plant & Equipment
New & Used Construction Plant & Equipment

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New & Used Construction Plant & Equipment