Georgia celebrates Breakthrough of Gudauri Tunnel

Georgia celebrates Breakthrough of Gudauri Tunnel

Georgia celebrates Breakthrough of Gudauri Tunnel

On April 23, a key tunnel of KK Highway, Georgia’s North-South Corridor, was successfully bored through ahead of schedule, cutting travel time from the previous one hour to 20 minutes. Constructed by China Railway Tunnel Group Co., Ltd., the Gudauri Tunnel is projected to resolve the seasonal traffic disruption that has fretted the country for years.

The 8860-meter tunnel will not only enhance the efficiency and safety of the North-South highway corridor, but also significantly boost the tourism, employment, accessibility, and border trade in Georgia’s northern mountainous areas. It will also elevate Georgia’s status as a crucial transportation hub and a vital corridor connecting Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and other neighbouring countries.

The Georgian North-South Corridor KK Highway has a total length of 22.7 kilometres. The 10-kilometer LOT1 Section is constructed by China Railway Tunnel Group Co., Ltd., of which the Gudauri Tunnel is a landmark. It is designed as a two-way dual carriageway and represents the largest single infrastructure project within Georgia.

The tunnel boring machine, dubbed the “Caucasus”, played a crucial role in the tunnel’s construction. Developed by China, the Caucasus measures 182 meters in length and weighs 3,900 tons. It has a maximum thrust of 22,600 tons and a total power of 9,900 kilowatts. With an excavation diameter of 15.08 meters, it is the largest of its kind globally.

With a maximum monthly advance of 426 meters, the Caucasus set a new record in large diameter TBM tunnel construction, surpassing the previous estimate of “no more than 320 meters per month” in the industry. This breakthrough was made by the innovative design of the Caucasus, which includes synchronized excavation and assembly technology, enhancing construction efficiency.

In the process of the construction, the project team prioritized environmental protection, continuously monitoring noise and vibrations. Immediate action was taken to mitigate any issues that exceeded environmental standards, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable development.

Georgia celebrates Breakthrough of Gudauri Tunnel

Post source : China Railway Tunnel Group Co., Ltd

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