Uganda Standard Gauge Railway Project
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Uganda Standard Gauge Railway Project

Uganda Standard Gauge Railway Project

The Uganda government Minister of Works and Transport – Monica Azuba announced that Uganda contractors will participate in the proposed Standard Gauge Railway project and expects that a local content strategy be put in place.

The Uganda government had acquired a loan from the Chinese government, and a Chinese contractor will be contracted to carry out the project.

Ugandan contractors are expected to support the implementation of the local content strategy to create opportunities to enhance their experience, and ensure that benefits from the project trickle down to the advantage of Uganda.

The process to choose Uganda companies to participate in this multi-billion infrastructure project will be very competitive and will provide for gainful participation of citizens and the Ugandan private sector.

The Uganda local content strategy provides for up to 40% of supplies for works come from local Ugandan entities. Nine out of every ten employees should be Ugandan, and foreign skills should only be sourced if such skills cannot be found locally.

Once complete the project will be able to serve the local residents in terms of transporting their commodities and above all ensure that it raises the economy of the country.

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