Bomag BW 28 RH pneumatic tyred roller keeps getting better
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Bomag BW 28 RH pneumatic tyred roller keeps getting better

Bomag BW 28 RH pneumatic tyred roller keeps getting better

Bomag has been developing and building compaction machines in Boppard, Germany for 60 years. Their goal is to progress continuously and make each new generation of machines better and more efficient than the previous one. This was achieved once again with the new BW 28 RH pneumatic tyred roller which goes into production in Boppard in February. Whether it is the flexible ballasting, the ergonomic cabin or productive work – the innovations extend to every area and ensure that the BW 28 RH is ideal for demanding operations in road construction.

Improvements and further developments are always possible, no matter how good the original product is. The BW 28 RH pneumatic tyred roller is the best proof of this, since it represents a further optimization of the already efficient Bomag pneumatic tyred rollers. For example, every effort was made to achieve an even higher compaction quality, which requires an optimum overview of the roller’s working area. To make this possible, the Bomag engineers made an excursion into the animal kingdom and borrowed the characteristic appearance of the hammerhead shark for the frame design. The front end of the BW 28 RH is modelled on the shark’s striking head which for the first time allows the operator a clear view of the wheel surface. He or she can therefore check directly whether the wheels are sufficiently moist so that no bitumen sticks to them.

Bomag BW 28 RH Roller
The new pneumatic tyred roller BW 28 RH offers comfort and optimum ergonomics in all conditions to the driver.

The clear view of the work area not only means increased comfort for the operator, but also a substantial increase in construction efficiency because it is possible to work much more closely and precisely to asphalt edges or joints. In addition, the counter-opening cab doors assist viewing in all directions.

Together with the new frame design and the vision-optimised cab and ROPS structures, they also contribute to improved all-round visibility, enabling safe work at a high quality and ergonomic level.

Bomag BW 28 RH Roller
Due to the clear view of the work area, it is possible to work much more closely and precisely to asphalt edges or joints.

Along with the clear view that this permits, flexibility also plays a major role. The BW 28 RH has set new standards in this respect as well and presents itself as an all-rounder for every construction site. The diverse ballasting options offered by the pneumatic tyred roller are a decisive factor here.

It is available with finely graduated operating weights from 8.6 to 28 tonnes ex works and can be adjusted quickly and simply to the respective task with steel and concrete slabs that easily slide in or out. In addition, the 3 m³ capacity ballast compartment can be used for custom ballasting. By changing the operating weight, it is possible, for example, to first compact the base layer and then the binder or wearing course of a road, or process construction sites with different applications – all with just one machine. The BW 28 RH can be adapted quickly and easily to the local conditions.

Bomag BW 28 RH Roller
The innovative frame design – modelled on the head of a hammerhead shark – provides a clear view of the wheel surface for the first time.

But the pneumatic tyred roller is not only remarkable in technical terms, it also excels with respect to user-friendliness, comfort, and impressive innovations. The driver enjoys comfort and optimum ergonomics in all conditions, so the work is not just more pleasant, but also more productive.

The cab itself provides ample freedom of movement and storage space as well as a powerful heating and ventilation system. The operator’s ears are also well protected. Because of the fully sealed floor of the driver’s stand, the cab provides good sound-proofing. A further highlight is the variably adjustable driver’s seat which virtually floats through the cabin without any effort.

With the seat being freely rotatable in the direction of the steering column, the operator can adopt a variety of positions, allowing adjustment of the position towards the steering wheel during a long working day. The re-designed brake pedal takes up the entire width of the driver’s stand, making it safely and directly accessible at all times.

This makes the BW 28 RH ideal for demanding operations in road construction. Whether for motorways, rural and urban roads, airport runways or parking lots – due to its highly-specialised product design, the pneumatic tyred roller meets every requirement and can respond flexibly to every site specification. The BW 28 RH therefore offers highly economical earthworks and asphalt paving, the compaction of stabilised soil layers and rolling chippings on surface treatment work, and once again demonstrates the efficiency and effectiveness of Bomag machines.

Bomag is the global leader in the field of compaction technology. The company, which has its HQ in Boppard and has belonged to the FAYAT group since 2005, produces machines for soil, asphalt and refuse compaction as well as stabilizers / recyclers, milling machines and pavers.

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