Sennebogen announce 860 E-Series Material Handlers for scrap handling and ports
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Sennebogen announce 860 E-Series Material Handlers for scrap handling and ports

Sennebogen announce energy efficient 860 E-Series Material Handlers for scrap handling and ports

With the change over to the current E-series, the proven concept of the Sennebogen 860 is transferred to a new generation. Thanks to the innovative Sennebogen Green Hybrid energy recovery system, the new material handlers for port use and the sophisticated handling of scrap boasts convenient lifting capacities of 6.2 t with a maximum reach of up to 23 m and it saves up to 30% more fuel .

The Sennebogen 860 range has established itself with customers all over the world during the past few years, particularly with port handling. Wherever the range is combined with convenient lifting capacities, the new Sennebogen 860 E series is equipped with state-of-the-art machine technology, high comfort and the utmost reliability.

With the new E-Series generation, Sennebogen has further optimized its material handlers to a high level and adapted them to the increased requirements. The new machine generation is driven by a powerful 261 kW diesel engine complying with Tier 4f emission standards, including automatic idle stop and EcoMode. A Tier 3a version and an electric motor are also available. As satisfied existing customers preferred increased lifting capacities and a greater range, this was taken into account with the equipment lengths of 18 m to 23 m. Effectively, the maximum range increases by 2 m to 23 m, and even with the longest equipment, a load of 6.2 t is still possible and within safety limits.

SENNEBOGEN - 860 - E-Series:- material handlers for scrap handling and ports

Green Hybrid system saves up to 30% in energy

Sennebogen Green Hybrid energy recovery system, found in the E-Series and in the 860, is now used in the large-scale machinery. This system’s reliability and safety has been proven in customer use across the globe. An energy recovery cylinder mounted on the boom in between the two hoist cylinders offsets the weight of the boom in its function, significantly reducing energy costs by up to 30%. This additional hydraulic cylinder stores the energy produced when the boom is lowered, in compressed gas cylinders placed in the rear of the machine. This accumulated energy is then provided during the next stroke. The principle is similar to a spring being compressed and then releasing its energy when it is allowed to expand. Together with Green Efficiency, maximum energy efficiency is achieved.

SENNEBOGEN - 860 - E-Series:- material handlers for scrap handling and ports

Maximum comfort and ideal overview for the operator

The new Sennebogen 860 offers operators a comfortable work space with an ideal overview from the Maxcab cab, which can be elevated as standard. The machine can be individually adapted to the needs of the customer with additional cab variants from the Maxcab industry to the extremely spacious Mastercab. At the same time, cab heights of up to 9.0 m height difference boast optimal conditions for the machine to be operated safely and comfortably. Even access from the ground is possible with the Skylift 900 cab heightening.

SENNEBOGEN - 860 - E-Series:- material handlers for scrap handling and ports

The Sennebogen 860 E-Series

The new E-Series of the Sennebogen 860 supplements the extensive range of Green Line material handlers for port handling and scrapyard applications. Versatile configurations are available for such operations, allowing the machine to be tailored to customer-specific requirements.

  • Top-level performance: Cummins diesel engine with 261 kW – Tier 4f / 268 kW –Tier 3a.
  • Alternative: 250 kW 400 V 50 Hz electric motor.
  • Superior lifting capacities: Up to 6.2 t with a 23 m reach.
  • Versatile equipment: Lengths from 18 m to 23 m.
  • Flexible modular system: Mobile undercarriage, crawler undercarriage, pylon variants, gantry solutions, rail undercarriages.
  • Modern Maxcab: Comfort cab for continuously relaxed work, optional vertical and horizontal adjustment, other special variants available.
  • Highest safety standards: Easily accessible maintenance points via walk-on upper-carriage, railing, and gallery on the cab and upper-carriage, LED headlights, peripheral cameras right and rear.
  • Energy-saving drives: All machines are optionally available with electro-hydraulic drive solutions, with the Green Hybrid energy recovery system for savings up to 30% being fitted as standard.

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