Bomag RS500 recycler/stabiliser shows off superior performance and technology
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Bomag RS500 recycler/stabiliser shows off superior performance and technology

New Bomag RS 500 recycler / stabiliser shows off its superior performance and technology

A few months after premiering at the Bauma 2016 Construction Exhibition in Germany, the Bomag RS 500 recycler / stabiliser has already had numerous chances to demonstrate its prowess in practice. On construction sites in Germany and France the new RS 500 machine concept has proved its worth in every respect.

Every construction site has its special requirements and places different demands on people and machines. Since the start of series production in autumn 2016, Bomag’s new RS 500 recycler/stabiliser has already been able to contribute its versatility to highly diverse construction sites. On the A 39 motorway near Winsen (Luhe) for example, where 8,000 m² were processed per day at a working depth of 20 cm, the production of a cement stabilisation by mixing in hydrophobic cement mainly required flexibility and the special Flexmix technology.

Bomag RS500
With its highly diverse areas of application, Bomag’s RS 500 recycler/stabiliser is a reliable machine for every construction site, as shown here on the A 39 near Winsen.

Thanks to the side-shift capability of its milling rotor left or right beyond the wheel rim, it is no problem for the RS 500 to mill up to the marginal areas of a roadway. Moreover, the special Flexmix technology developed by Bomag allows stepless graduation of the material. This is achieved through the adjustment of three flaps on the machine’s rotor hood.

When the milling material strikes the mixing bar, it is steplessly variably crushed to the desired target size. Any desired result can be achieved easily and safely through the stepless adjustment of all three flaps. Whether maximum mixing performance or highest quality is required, the Flexmix technology always has the right setting.

The RS 500 also proves its efficiency with cold recycling and pulverizing stabilised cement layers, areas of application that were also required on the A 39. Thanks to Bomag’s proven rotor drive concept, an easy adjustment to this site situation, with a working depth of 30 cm – 20 cm of cement stabilized soil and 10 cm sand – was also possible.

A milling and mixing rotor driven by two planetary gears supplies maximum torque, while the continuously variable rotor speed reduces the tool and rotor wear to a minimum during the milling process. This enabled optimal results, namely a daily output of 7,500 m², with a relatively low energy consumption at the construction site near Winsen. Thanks to the hydraulic shut-off, the

RS 500 is even maintenance-free, which means additional time and cost savings for the customer.

On another site near Paris in France, the RS 500 also demonstrated its performance impressively. In this case, the very soft, moist soil presented a particular challenge. The recycler/stabiliser particularly benefited here from its double pumps and four wheel motors that provide maximum propulsion.

Together with the articulated and rear axle steering, which also makes complicated manoeuvres possible, and the large-diameter tyres that ensure optimum traction even in highly difficult terrain, a successful conclusion to this challenging application was also assured. The RS 500 could easily handle the working depth of 50 cm.

The same applies to the stabilisation of the soil by blending in lime on the B 87 federal road near Stadtilm in Thuringia. Although the ground conditions were less demanding than those in France, the RS 500’s innovative and reliable drive system also helped to achieve an optimum result here. Approximately 12,000 m² were stabilised per day at a working depth of 30 cm.

Bomag RS500
The side-shift capability of the milling rotor left or right beyond the wheel rim makes it possible to mill up to the marginal areas of a roadway.

But the RS 500 is not only remarkable for its performance, it also excels with respect to user-friendliness and safety. In the industrial area of Montpellier, the recycler/stabiliser was entrusted with another soil stabilisation project, where an area of 5,000 m² at a working depth of 35 cm per day was achieved.

On this site, for example, the excellent all-round visibility was advantageous. Because, due to the central, high working position and the extensive glazing of the ROPS/FOPS cabin, the driver has excellent 360° visibility even without camera systems.

The cabin concept as well as its intuitive operation enhances both safety and comfort for the operator because the optimal view of the working edges enables the machine to be manoeuvred safely. In addition, the seat-turning capacity of 270° is ergonomically ideal and ensures healthy and fatigue-free operation even during long working days.

Bomag RS500
Thanks to the height-adjustable cab, the RS 500 can easily be transported by means of a low loader.

Another requirement, especially when working on large projects or applications with daily changing sites, is fast and simple transport. Here again, the RS 500 demonstrates its versatility. Because of the height-adjustable cab, trouble-free transport from site to site is possible.

With a transport height of 3.1 m, a total width of 2.55 m, and a length of 9.5 m, the machine can easily be transported on a low loader. This makes the RS 500 a true universal genius for road construction, offering solutions for the widest variety of requirements and always more than up to the job.

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