The second-hand machine website is moving up a gear
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The second-hand machine website is moving up a gear

The second-hand machine website is moving up a gear

  • More user-friendly
  • Facilitated adverts publication
  • Booming second-hand market

The world leader in all-terrain handling, the Manitou group is rolling out a new version of its website A marketplace for used handling machines, the website has a new layout for a more intuitive browsing experience as Manitou looks to streamline the distribution business for second-hand machines—an increasingly popular market among users.

Launched three years ago, the redesign of the site began last July.

The Manitou Group’s marketing department and the Services & Solutions division joined forces with a specialized web agency to modernize and optimize the Manitou second-hand machines website. With an updated interface, the new site better displays information in just a few clicks and simplifies the search process. When a customer lands on the site’s homepage, he is presented with three search criteria (‘type of model’, ‘brand’ and ‘country’) thus covering a majority of requests. A wide range of adverts are then offered in line with his search criteria.

Each advert is linked to a certified dealership from the Manitou network. The listings are uploaded by the dealerships themselves as proof that the machines for sale have been checked and verified by experts before going up for resale. Once the user has selected a listing, he has three options: request a callback from the Manitou dealership in a time slot of their choosing, send an email to the dealership or contact them directly using the sales representative contact details provided.

Another feature allows the user, who may not have found the right machine at a given time, to set up his own alerts. He will then receive an automatic email when an appropriate advert is published. “We have optimized the site to make it more efficient and easier to use,” says Hervé Ouisse, Service Range Manager, Second Hand & Remanufacturing. “Web users will now find it easier to get in touch with their nearest seller. The back office has also been redesigned to improve the adverts publication process for dealerships.”

Post source : Manitou Group

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