Ammann Soil and Asphalt Rollers play key roles in Bangladesh infrastructure projects
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Ammann Soil and Asphalt Rollers play key roles in Bangladesh infrastructure projects

Ammann Soil and Asphalt Rollers play key roles in Bangladesh infrastructure projects

Spectra Engineers has a reputation for completing quality work in a timely manner. The company, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, now is relying on Ammann soil and asphalt compactors to further build on its reputation.

Spectra is working on two key projects. The first, construction of a dike and a road atop the structure, is essential to the safety of Chittagong City. Ammann ASC 120 Soil Compactors are handling soil compaction on that project.

Another significant undertaking is the construction of the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. An Ammann AV 110 X Articulated Tandem Roller is proving successful on that jobsite.

Spectra is one of the leading construction companies in Bangladesh. It has proven its skill on roads, bridges, buildings and railways.

Dam Project

Residents of the Chittagong District will be safer, thanks to construction of a dike that will protect the coastal area from the flooding and water surges that could result from tornadoes and strong winds.

A 14.5 km, four-lane bypass road is being constructed on top of the dike. The road will alleviate some of the area’s traffic pressure. The dike must be solidly built on a strong foundation to withstand water surges and support the road.

The rollers compacting the sand and soil that comprise the dike are Ammann ASC 120 Soil Compactors. The rollers vibrate as they moved forward and work without vibration when traveling in reverse. A typical pass is 50 metres. The depth of material is 1 foot (305 mm). Between 10 and 12 passes are required to ensure compaction is achieved.

“We get the best compaction numbers with the fewer passes with the Ammann soil compactors,” said K.K. Halder, an engineer with Spectra. “We also like the rollers because of their reliable engines and minimum fuel consumption.”

Operators liked the good visibility on both sides of the rollers. The supervisors appreciated the product support, including parts availability.

AV 110 X T3 Tandem Roller
AV 110 X T3 Tandem Roller

Road Project

Another significant infrastructure project featuring Spectra is the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. The road is being widened from two to four lanes in order to ensure good traffic flow between the capital and the key port area. The new road is 191 km long.

The Ammann AV 110 X Articulated Tandem Roller is providing finish compaction on the project and providing good output, reports Halder. Pivot steering feature ensures both front and rear drums rotate at the same speeds, even when working on curves. This is because the roller has two frames that are connected by a double joint.

“Other key features are excellent visibility to surface and edges of both drums, and a well-arranged dashboard,” Halder said. “There also is a pair of independent pumps for motion and vibration.”

The roller’s manoeuvrability was essential given the jobsite conditions. “It was challenging because the existing road was two lanes,” Halder said. “While work took place on one lane, traffic passed through the other. Vehicles were passing by around the clock.”

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