Manitou introduces the 220 TJ all-terrain telescopic jib
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Manitou introduces the 220 TJ all-terrain telescopic jib

Manitou introduces the 220 TJ all-terrain telescopic jib

The Manitou Group, the worldwide leader in all-terrain handling equipment, previewed its new 220 TJ telescopic jib at the APEX show in Amsterdam. Building on the success of its 26 meter and 28 meter models, the Group is adding a model to its line with very high market demand.

The Manitou Group previewed its new 220 TJ telescopic jib. Manitou has come out with two models to meet increasing demand in the 22 meter segment. The first, the 220 TJ is light and compact, while the second, the 220 TJ+ has a high-capacity basket fully rated at 350 kg. This capacity holds regardless of the position of the articulated arm or the telescopic extension. These two products carry forward the design, technology and structural components that have accounted for the success of the 26 meter and 28 meter models.

The structure consists of a pivot and three telescoping elements, giving an overall length of less than 10 meters. Both models are equipped with a 2 meter pendular arm that folds up, reducing the length of the machine when transported. They can also be slung, with four chains from a single point for easy lifting without extra tools or equipment.

Manitou 220 Telescopic Jib


Ideal ease-of-use

The 220TJ and 220TJ+ telescopic booms are equipped with a 4-cylinder 26 kW diesel engine coupled with a variable speed pump, giving the operator easy, accurate use. As is true of the whole line, these booms are equipped with a system that automatically adjusts the power of the engine to what is needed, thereby reducing fuel consumption and total cost of ownership. There is also a hydraulic block, providing smooth, rapid movements with complete safety. The jacks taper off before stopping, giving added comfort and eliminating any risk of jerky movement.

A system patented by Manitou automatically adapts the speed depending on how far out the boom is extended, thereby maintaining constant speed wherever the basket might be.

Designed to be used in tough conditions, these jibs are ideally suited to uneven terrain and hold up very well in cold climates. François Desbrière, Head of Product Marketing, noted, “There is a very high demand for this new 22 meter model. While the 220TJ+ is easy to control and very safe, it really stands out because of its high full-load capacity and its versatility. It is exactly what rental companies are looking for in terms of easy-to-operate machines. The 220TJ+ is great for a host of jobs, such as steel erection, pruning, maintenance in navy yards and refineries, loading-in stages for big events…the list goes on and on!”

Both models also have an interface system for communicating with the machine, including diagnostics and maintenance.

Manitou 220 Telescopic Jib

220 TJ Main technical characteristics:

  • 4 RM / 2RD
  • Oscillating axle + differential locking
  • 360° continuous rotation
  • Basket capacity: 230 kg/2 person
  • Basket dimensions: 2100 x 800 mm
  • Working outreach: 17.6m
  • Machine dimensions: 9.8 x 2.49 x 2.47m
  • Weight: 11,850 kg

220 TJ+ Main technical characteristics:

  • 4RM/4RD
  • Oscillating axle + differential locking
  • 360° continuous rotation
  • Basket capacity: 350 kg without restriction/3 person
  • Basket dimensions: 2300 x 900 mm (3 entries)
  • Working outreach: 17.8m
  • Machine dimensions: 10 x 2.49 x 2.52m
  • Weight: 13,800 kg

Manitou 220 Telescopic Jib

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