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Manitou Group presents its new backhoe loader at the first edition of Intermat Asean
Photo Credit To Manitou Group

Manitou Group presents its new backhoe loader at the first edition of Intermat Asean

Manitou Group presents its new backhoe loader at the first edition of Intermat Asean

Manitou Group, a world leader in all-terrain material handling, is taking part in the Intermat ASEAN trade show for construction and infrastructure. For the inaugural edition of Intermat in Southeast Asia, the group presents its new backhoe loader model, following the recent acquisition of the subsidiary Terex in India, and reaffirms its intention to win new market shares in the region.

Intermat & the Manitou Group

For almost 30 years, Manitou Group has been participating in the Intermat France trade show, exhibiting its models that are designed to facilitate people lifting and material handling on construction sites. The group’s appeal at Intermat has grown with each edition, and it has enjoyed ever-greater success. It is considered by professionals to be one of the world’s biggest trade shows for the sector, so it makes sense for Manitou to support the first edition of Intermat in Asia. The recent acquisition of Terex Equipment Private Limited in India strengthens the group’s presence even more at this show, where new products will be introduced.

Manitou Loader

Introduction of the TLB-844S in Thailand

The launch of the new TLB-844S backhoe loader aims to provide a specific response to the region’s current and future requirements. Thailand is predicted to become the world’s number one construction market in the coming years, with an estimated potential of 35 billion dollars. With its major infrastructure projects, the country organizing the trade show wants to expand its machine fleet, incorporating more and more technology, with the aim of improving site productivity. The TLB-844S enables these requirements to be met, using a wide bucket on the front of the machine and a backhoe on the back. This allows the operator to dig and load without changing machines, resulting in lower energy consumption, and at the same time increasing productivity.

The Southeast Asian market

The previously stable construction sector is expected to pick up over the next decade, thanks in particular to emerging economies in Asia and other regions. This promising development is being driven by urbanisation, the investment of emerging countries in infrastructure and the significantly increased development needs of Asian megacities. In these countries, it is estimated that this sector will double in size over the next ten years to 6,700 billion dollars in 2020*, generating 55% of the world’s construction volume. The Manitou Group’s presence has increased significantly in these countries, and it is favourably placed to be able to provide the best response to this very high demand. Despite the differing levels of maturity in this region, the group has reaffirmed its ambitions and is committed to providing solutions that are tailored to the needs of each market.

“The Manitou group is excited about presenting this new backhoe loader produced in Asia for Asian customers. We are able to offer our customers a new option, which meets their everyday construction needs. We also offer a complete range of spare parts and services. We will continue to provide more and more solutions based on listening to our customers”, says Antoine Chazelle, Vice-President Sales & Marketing of Manitou APAC (Asia-Pacific).

*According to the “Global Construction 2020” report published by Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics.

Equipment presented at the show

As well as the new TLB 844S backhoe loader, the group is highlighting the diversity of its range, by exhibiting its 180 ATJ articulated telescopic work platform, with a lifting height of 18 metres. The MRT-X 1840 rotating telehandler, with a 4 tonne lifting capacity, is also exhibited at the show. This precise and highly stable model provides an answer to many problems on large-scale sites, with its boom height of 18 metres. The group’s best-selling MTX-625 telehandler is also on show. This machine is very easy to use, with its small overall width of 1.81 metres allowing the operator to manoeuvre around cramped work sites.

TLB 844S Backhoe Loader Technical data

Front bucket performance

  • Maximum height: 3550 mm
  • Max. capacity at max. height: 3.465 kg
  • Max. capacity : 1.0 m³ / 1.1 m³ / 1.2 m³

Rear bucket performance

  • Max. digging depth: 4741 mm
  • Max. loading reach: 1996 mm
  • Max. operating height: 5659 mm
  • Hydraulic lift capacity: 1.384 kg
  • Max. capacity: 0.3m³


  • Max. flow: 142 l/min
  • Pressure: 225 bar

Main features

  • Engine: 90 HP / 2200 rpm
  • Transmission: Shift reversing shuttle / 4 speeds
  • Overall length: 7338 mm
  • Overall width: 2235 mm
  • Overall height: 3762 mm

Post source : Manitou Group

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