Ammann unveils new rammers
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Ammann unveils new rammers

Ammann unveils new rammers

Ammann announces the release of ATR 60 and ATR 68 Rammers and the ATR 30 Rammer, the lightest in the Ammann line-up.

The ATR (Ammann Tamper Rammer) models replace the ACR Rammers. The ATR family maintains key features of the ACR line-up, including their industry-leading compaction output and forward movement.

The new ATR machines are available in Classic and Premium versions to ensure the right machine is available for all customers and their needs.

ACR 60c and ACR 68p Rammers
ACR 60c and ACR 68p Rammers

Specifically, the new models are the ATR 60 Classic Rammer, ATR 60 Premium Rammer, ATR 68 Classic Rammer and ATR 68 Premium Rammer. The ACR 70 D Diesel Rammer will remain in the Ammann portfolio.

The Classic versions are the successors to the previous Ammann ACR Rammer line. The machines are easy to use, highly robust, durable and equipped with the Honda GX100 petrol engine.

The Premium rammers include new features to meet the strictest restrictions for emissions and operation vibration levels. They utilise a Honda GXR120 engine.

Key features of the Premium rammers include:

  • An optimised gas lever, shaped and positioned for easy reach and operation
  • A patented handle concept, which limits hand-arm vibrations to protect the operator and meets the strictest regulations
  • An additional air filter, which extends the life of the machine

The new rammers – both Premium and Classic – have standard working widths of 280 mm. Optional feet can provide widths up to 330 mm and lengths of 340 mm. A reduction foot is available.

Weights of the new rammers range from 62 kg to 68 kg.

ATR 30 Rammer
ATR 30 Rammer

The ATR 30 weighs 29 kg, about half the weight of the second lightest rammer in the Ammann product line. The ATR 30 Rammer has working widths of 80 mm or 130 mm, depending on the customer’s preference. A Honda petrol engine provides 1.1 kW of power.

A new foot and slim design make the ATR 30 the ideal fit for contractors who work in tight spaces or trenches. Applications include placement of cable or small patchwork jobs.

The ATR 30 broadens the Ammann Rammer product line. Other Ammann rammers weigh as much as 83 kg and have working widths up to 280 mm.

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