A musical road in Hungary will reward safe drivers with rock music!
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A musical road in Hungary will reward safe drivers with rock music!

A musical road in Hungary will reward safe drivers with rock music!

The European-based construction group STRABAG has been awarded the contract to build and widen the R 67 expressway in Hungary. The € 212 million project is being carried out by a consortium in which STRABAG holds 53.2 %.

Of the 33 km of expressway between Kaposfüred and Látrány in south-western Hungary, STRABAG is in charge of the new construction of a 10.3 km section as well as the renovation and widening of a further 10.1 km.

“Musical” asphalt surface

The expressway will have a unique feature when completed: cars driving at the prescribed speed over a certain section of the road will create the melody to the song “67-es út” (“Route 67”) by Hungarian rock band Republic. This is possible because of special grooves in the roadway: thanks to the right spacing and depth, a melody is produced by car wheels rolling over the grooves.

“This project shows how much creativity there can be in transportation infrastructures. We are delighted to be able to realise this interesting project for Hungary’s national infrastructure company,” says Thomas Birtel, CEO of STRABAG SE.

New category of expressway

Hungary’s so-called R roads (“R” stands for “rapid”) are part of a new road construction strategy by the Hungarian government. These roads generally have a speed limit of 110 km/h with two lanes in each direction separated by a median divider.

STRABAG SE is a European-based technology group for construction services, a leader in innovation and financial strength. Their services span all areas of the construction industry and cover the entire construction value chain. They create added value for clients by integrating the most diverse services and assuming responsibility for them.

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