Volvo CE releases Compact Assist for accurate soil compaction

Volvo CE releases Compact Assist for accurate soil compaction

Volvo CE releases Compact Assist for accurate soil compaction

Adding to the suite of Assist programs available through the Volvo Co-Pilot interface, Compact Assist for Soil is now available in North America.

Compact Assist for Soil offers real-time guidance to the operator by displaying number of passes and Compaction Meter Value (CMV), showing operators the exact number of passes across the entire work area, as well as whether those areas have reached sufficient compaction. This real-time guidance ensures operators of any skill level will easily spot gaps in coverage and won’t spend time on unnecessary passes once the soil is sufficiently compacted.

“Compact Assist for Soil is a game-changer for soil compaction — that’s why we’re seeing so many states developing intelligent compaction specifications for soil compaction jobs,” said Bill Laing, product manager, Volvo Construction Equipment. “It takes all the guesswork out of soil compaction, allowing operators at any experience level to save time and money, and get the job done right the first time.”

Visualize progress in real time

At 10 inches, the Volvo Co-Pilot interface is the largest Intelligent Compaction (IC) interface in the industry and is incredibly intuitive. The interface displays each compactor pass and drum overlap with a unique color, allowing the operator to easily spot gaps to maintain uniform coverage. The operator can also toggle to the CMV screen to see which areas have achieved sufficient compaction and which areas may need another pass. CMV estimates the relative comparison of material stiffness, and the drum bounce detection feature alerts the operator when there is over-compacted material.

Work wirelessly

Data gathered from pass mapping is stored on Volvo Co-Pilot’s internal 14 GB hard drive, which provides enough space for up to seven months of data logging. Data can also be backed up wirelessly to the cloud, or backed up to a USB drive. All data is conveniently exported in VETA format, and it can be uploaded at intervals as frequent as 15 minutes, or as infrequent as once per week. The software also provides the ability to work with U.S. State Plane Coordinate System (SPCS) as well as Local Coordinate Systems, ensuring all logged jobsite data is tied to exact locations for future reference. Product alignment files can also be loaded in 2D CAD and displayed on the screen.

Connecting to a free or subscription NRTK network allows over-the-air RTK connection without the need for an RTK base station. All updates to Compact Assist for Soil can be completed over the air, so customers can be assured they will have the latest version of the software as new features and applications become available.

An Assist for all

In addition to Compact Assist for Soil, Co-Pilot also serves as the interface for several previously launched applications, including Dig Assist, an intuitive machine control solution for Volvo excavators; Load Assist, a complete load weighing management system for Volvo wheel loaders; and Compact Assist for Asphalt with Density Direct™, the Volvo Intelligent Compaction system which offers the industry’s first and only real-time density mapping tool. Assist programs for other equipment categories are also under development and will be unveiled in the coming year.

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