ALE Heavylift invests in new hydraulic gantry lift system
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ALE Heavylift invests in new hydraulic gantry lift system

ALE Heavylift invests in new hydraulic gantry lift system

ALE Heavylift has invested in a new telescopic lifting gantry with 1,000 tonne capacity on four towers, the TLG1000. This is the first system in a new fleet of high capacity hydraulic gantries.

The system has been designed in-house with a variable track width, which means the system can run on standard 915mm wide tracks to 1,750mm wide tracks – adding more stability. The three-stage system has 1,000 tonne capacity at all stages, up to 12m high. Furthermore, it has additional safety features, such as a mechanical lock system and monitoring systems, to monitor ground settlements and deflections of the tower.

“As the users, we know what works in practice and we couldn’t find anything else on the market which fulfils our needs. We wanted a lifting solution that has a high capacity without compromising on stability,” explained Technical Director Ronald Hoefmans.


“This lifting gantry has been designed with more horizontal loading than other standard systems on the market. Furthermore, it is not only stronger, but the lifting capacity of the system remains the same throughout all three stages of the lifting process. With this unique feature, combined with the other operational benefits, I expect this system to be in demand throughout our regions globally, with the need to add additional systems to the fleet.”

Now the TLG1000 has been built, function and load tested at ALE’s R&D facilities in the Netherlands, it will be shipped to its inaugural project in South America.

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