EFKON delivers intelligent enforcement system for Austria’s toll roads
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EFKON delivers intelligent enforcement system for Austria’s toll roads

EFKON delivers intelligent enforcement system for Austria’s toll roads

EFKON GmbH of Raaba by Graz, Austria, a subsidiary of STRABAG SE, is a leading provider of intelligent road toll collection and enforcement systems. The enforcement systems developed by EFKON use video technology to electronically identify vehicles that do not comply with the Austrian road tax requirement.

“This successful project once again shows that we are capable of covering services along the entire construction value chain within our group. Not only do we build the roads, we can also operate them and deliver state-of-the-art toll systems,” says Thomas Birtel, CEO of STRABAG SE.

On 8 November 2017, sales began of a digital vignette with validity for the period starting on 1 December 2017 as way to prove payment of the Austrian road tax for vehicles weighing < 3.5 t. Effective 1 December 2017, EFKON began delivery of an enforcement system to automatically determine whether cars possess a valid digital vignette without interrupting the flow of traffic. The enforcement system for the digital vignette can be deployed on motorways and expressways as well as their on- and off-ramps. The system supports ASFINAG’s toll enforcement officers in their work.

No interruption of traffic flow

EFKON’s monitoring system for the digital vignette combines all necessary functions compactly in a single device. The greatly simplified assembly and installation make it possible to frequently switch locations. From a position on the side of the roadway, the system monitors the traffic and takes high-resolution images of the passing vehicles. In this way, toll compliance is monitored without any interruption to the flow of traffic. If it is determined that a vehicle is not in possession of a valid vignette, the information is transmitted to the ASFINAG toll enforcement staff.

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