Nijs BVBA and Borum keep Belgium in line
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Nijs BVBA and Borum keep Belgium in line

Nijs BVBA and Borum keep Belgium in line

Nijs BVBA is a road maintenance company based in Messelbroek, Belgium, run by Kris Nijs, who has been involved in the road marking industry ever since he finished his studies.

Kris started his career as a technical draughtsman at a street furniture and road marking machine company, which gave him an in-depth knowledge of the industry and the qualities that make a successful, high-quality, road marking machine. It was here where Kris experienced the first Borum machine sold in Belgium.

In 1999 Kris took the giant step of starting his own business – Nijs BVBA, specialising in road marking and maintenance. Nijs BVBA is currently working all over Belgium, and now in the Netherlands.

The company carries out road marking in cities, highways, and occasionally at airports. In just the past year Nijs BVBA has painted down over 400 tons of thermoplastic, mainly due to the major government projects they are involved in.

Kris’s past experience with Borum led him relying on Borum line marking equipment and machines for his own business. His most recent purchase is a Borum Master 2000, delivered in 2016 with the Dot’n line system for thermoplastic and structured marking applications.

Nijs BVBA and Borum keep Belgium in line

Safety comes first

In Belgium, road maintenance companies are mainly required to work at night and at weekends to minimise traffic disruption, which has safety implications for construction machine operators as drivers tend to have lower level of concentration, and in some cases different behaviours at night.

Combined with the ever-increasing time factors placed on contracts results in road marking companies having less time to carry out their work. This means that contractors need to have reliable and productive equipment they can trust that deliver fast application speeds with minimal down-time.

Kris Nijs trusts Borum machines and that their equipment has helped his business overcome numerous challenges by offering robust machines that really work. The after-care and spare parts service delivered by Borum are also an important feature that solidifies Nijs BVBA reliance on Borum.

The latest purchase of a BM 2000 DL, has introduced Kris to the Borum LineMaster computer that is now standard on Borum machines to easily document, record and export various information to make it easier to keep track of road marking jobs.

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