Get it right with Volvo on-board weighing system

Get it right with Volvo on-board weighing system

Get it right with Volvo on-board weighing system

Wouldn’t it be great if every time you filled a hauler, you could fill it to capacity, and not an ounce more.

You are wasting precious time and money by under loading, and if you overload, you are risking damage to the hauler.

Volvo Construction Equipment now has a system that cuts out the guesswork with their on-board weighing system, to make loading safer, cheaper, and more fuel efficient.

John Bord, Managing Director at Yarrows Aggregates Ltd, said: “Beforehand, we never used to know where we were with stock. Whereas now we know exactly where we are. Also what we found is that the actual machines themselves aren’t getting overloaded.”

Almost like a giant set of scales, the FS-System uses sensors mounted in the machine to weight the load and relay that information to an in-cab display and a traffic light system on the top of the hauler to give the loader operators a visual indication – Yellow for part-load, Red for an overload, and Green  for when you have hit that sweet spot.

With real-time, remotely accessible data you can now keep a better eye on productivity to efficiency.

Get it right the first time with Volvo’s on-board weighing.

Post source : Volvo Construction Equipment

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