Schmidt Sweeper keeps the Kenyan Air Force clean
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Schmidt Sweeper keeps the Kenyan Air Force clean

Schmidt Sweeper keeps the Kenyan Air Force clean

Runways, taxiways and aprons are at the heart of any airport operation, and that includes the airfields operated by the Kenya Air Force (KAF). Absolute cleanliness across all surfaces is a top priority — a jet engine (or jet turbine) has the capacity to draw in just about any loose material that may be located nearby.

Foreign object damage (FOD) such as that caused by pens, coins, cables, tools and even parts of passengers’ luggage – which thankfully rarely find their way onto airport surfaces due to security measures – poses a very real danger. The engines on stationary aircraft work a little like a high-performance vacuum cleaner, drawing in all small parts. Damage to aircraft engines leads to expensive aircraft downtime and even more expensive repairs for airlines that quickly run into the millions. More importantly, damaged aircraft engines can also give rise to life-threatening situations, both on the ground and in the air.

Schmidt Sweeper keeps the Kenyan Air Force clean

Aircraft operators have to therefore put a great deal of effort into minimising the risk of FOD. In addition to continuous personnel training, technical measures also need to be taken, such as ensuring that aircraft stands and taxiways are cleared both before and after an aircraft uses them. The permanent magnet bar mounted to the front panel of the Schmidt AS 990 provides additional safety by attracting any hazardous magnetic metallic objects that may be lying around.

Air Force Kenya relies on Aebi Schmidt cleaning technology

The aircraft stands used by Air Force Kenya are cleared after every aircraft movement, and the Schmidt AS 900 truck-mounted sweeper has proved itself a highly capable assistant. Having been impressed by the cleaning concept offered by Schmidt, the successor to the AS 900, the Schmidt AS 990, will enter service with Air Force Kenya in May 2018.

Schmidt Sweeper keeps the Kenyan Air Force clean

The high-performance sweeper, which has been developed especially for use at airports, is available with a dirt tank capacity of 9.5 m3 and a working speed of up to 40 km/h when sweeping. With a sweeping width of up to 3.5 m, the sweeper is perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of airport use.

Sweeping technology from the Black Forest, now providing 100% satisfaction in Kenya.

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