Meet the new BORUM MASTER 5500 at Intertraffic Amsterdam
Photo Credit To Borum AS

Meet the new BORUM MASTER 5500 at Intertraffic Amsterdam

Meet the new BORUM MASTER 5500 at Intertraffic Amsterdam

High capacity, rugged and powerful line marking machine, built to withstand the heat and hilly areas

Borum, the Danish marking machine company has been listening to their customers feedback, and used this to set themselves a challenge. Borum have been working hard to develop a new line of road marking solutions that offer their standard versatility and quality in a really rugged package, and can now introduce the new addition to the Borum Master family – the Borum Master 5500.

The Borum Master 5500 has been designed from the ground up to be able to perform in challenging environments, where the machine will have to withstand ambient temperatures of up to 50°C and with enough torque to climb steep hills.

Eco-friendly EU Stage V (US Tier 4) engine with AdBlue Technology

Protecting the environment by reducing highly harmful emissions is one of Borum’s primary goals, so they fitted the Borum Master 5500 with a Deutz diesel engine that meets the EU Stage IV final (Stage V ready) and US Tier 4 emissions standards, and is equipped with AdBlue technology, which uses water and Urea (Carbamide) injected into the exhaust gas to reduce NOx diesel engine emissions.

For ease of access and to facilitate servicing, the engine bay has large doors that give easy access to the engine. To reduce maintenance the vital mechanical components, such as the compressor and hydrostatic drive are directly connected to the engine to remove the need for drive belts.

Meet the new BORUM MASTER 5500 at Intertraffic Amsterdam

Minimal wear and tear

For quick access to check the hydraulically driven screw compressor, Borum positioned it right behind the operator’s seat. The LineMaster Computer can now also turn the compressor on and off automatically to help reduce consumption while the Borum master 5500 is on standby.

Redesigned glass bead tanks

The glass bead tanks on the machine have been redesigned to make the filler necks easier to access and fill, and are now much more practical. Equipped with two 165 Litre tanks means two types of glass beads can be used in order to achieve higher retro-reflectivity levels.

Meet the new BORUM MASTER 5500 at Intertraffic Amsterdam

Technical specifications

  • Engine: Deutz TCD 3.6 L4 Type 4 stroke, Common rail diesel with turbo, intercooler and cooling water / Size 4 cylinder, 3,600 cm³ – 220 Rated power 76kW – 103HP @ 2300rpm. 390Nm – 228lb.ft.@ 1700rpm. Approval EU Stage IV final ( Stage V ready) – US Tier 4. DOC+SCRF (AdBlue, DEF, ARLA32).
  • Filling capacities: Fuel tank 160L (2x80L) – 42gal (2x21gal) / Hydraulic tank 128L – 33gal / Glass bead tank 330L (2x165L) – 86gal (2x43gal) / Max 3bar – 43psi.
  • Compressor: Hydraulic driven, screw compressor. Capacity 20,00 to 4,500 Lmin @ 10bar – 70 to 160cfm @ 10bar depending on the chosen compressor size. Cooling Integrated oil system with external oil cooler and water separator.
  • Dimensions: Length 5,350 mm (210 5/8”) / Width 1,300 mm (51 1/4”) without equipment / Height 2,250 mm (88 5/8 ”) / Weight 7,500 kg (16534 lbs) maximum total weight.

To find out more about Borum and Borum Master 5500 visit their stand at Intertraffic Amsterdam 20 – 23 March 2018.

Post source : Borum AS

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