Volvo H-Series mid-sized wheel loaders offer 20 percent fuel improvement

Volvo H-Series mid-sized wheel loaders offer 20 percent fuel improvement

Volvo H-Series mid-sized wheel loaders offer 20 percent fuel improvement

Offering up to 20% greater fuel efficiency, added versatility and lower lifetime operating costs, the upgraded L60H, L70H and L90H H-Series wheel loader range from Volvo are multi-talented powerhouses.

It’s hard to imagine that Volvo Construction Equipment’s mid-sized wheel loaders could be improved, but the updated L60H, L70H and L90H offer advancements across the board. The first manufacturer to popularize the wheel loader concept more than half a century ago, Volvo CE has used its engineering excellence to make the updated models easier to use and optimized the foundations of a Volvo machine: good fuel economy, productivity, reliability, and uptime. The next-generation H-Series is now the ultimate wheel loader, demonstrating how Volvo CE has remained an industry-leader in its field.

Up to 20% more efficient

One of the areas of biggest improvement over their predecessors is in fuel economy – the L60H, L70H and L90H are up to 20% better. With powerful engines and intelligent hydraulics as hallmark features of the H-Series, a key factor in the fuel efficiency hike in the new updated models is the lock-up function. The optional feature eliminates losses in the torque converter by creating a direct drive between the engine and transmission, which work more efficiently with the axles. The torque converter lock-up is also automatic, requiring no operator input, and can be customized to improve cycle times and fuel usage further. The efficiency of each work cycle is enhanced by an increased top speed of 50 km/h (31 mph), facilitated by the lock-up feature. Available on the L70H and L90H wheel loaders, operators can expect better drive response, incline performance, faster load and carry work, and a smoother ride.

To match the application and ground conditions, the operator can simply adjust the rimpull control, which not only conserves fuel, but also reduces tire wear and prevents wheel spin for effective bucket filling. For the best use of engine power in all applications, the H-Series is equipped with Smart Control, which ensures the correct torque is applied in all situations. Meanwhile, the Eco pedal also reduces fuel consumption, thanks to a mechanical push-back force that encourages the operator to ease off the throttle when the engine rpm is about to exceed the optimum operating

Primed for productivity

Productivity is promoted by the machine’s superb stability. The newly optimized loading unit and redesigned heavy-duty counterweight ensure they remain sure-footed, regardless of terrain. The well-balanced L60H, L70H and L90H loaders also feature a 73mm (2.9″) increase in lifting height and 1.7%, 1.6% and 3% higher tipping load respectively, enabling operators to tackle a variety of tasks, no matter how demanding.

It’s not just the updated L60H, L70H and L90H that are ready for any challenge – from the comfort and safety of the Volvo cab, the operator is primed for a productive work shift. To promote operator productivity, the Volvo cab is spacious, with repositioned key ignition for greater ease of use, ergonomic controls and good visibility of the attachment and surrounding jobsite. Visibility is further enhanced by the redesigned side mirrors and a rear-view camera, and optional front camera.

Controllability is assured by the electro-servo controls. The optional feature provides the operator total command over the hydraulic functions by making it easy to shift between linear and single lever controls. With an eye on the operation, the operator can select from three hydraulic settings to tailor the lever control according to their preferences.

The lever includes the detent third function, boom kick-out, return-to-dig, as well as the bucket levelling function, which automatically returns the bucket from both dump and curl positions.

Using the easy-to-read Contronics display, the operator has a full view of vital machine information and can perform varied configurations all from the comfort of an adjustable seat of their choice.

The L90H

Multi-talented machines

Not only are the next-generation L60H, L70H and L90H wheel loaders efficient, they are also suitable for a wide range of applications, thanks to the Torque Parallel (TP) linkage. Common to all H-Series wheel loaders, the TP linkage combines the benefits of the Z-bar and parallel linkage to deliver high breakout torque and excellent parallel movement throughout the entire lifting range.

The operator has full control over the load, ensuring it stays level throughout operations, for increased safety and productivity.

Whatever the job, Volvo has the tools to get it done. The updated H-Series is compatible with a wide range of purpose built attachments, including grapples, sweepers, material handling arms, snow ploughs, as well as custom-built attachments to match specific needs. From light material to heavy rocks, the machines are made to match a variety of Volvo buckets, such as general purpose, grading, refuse and light material.

To unlock the use of multiple attachments, the operator can simply engage the third and fourth hydraulic functions, and change tools in a matter of seconds with the Volvo attachment bracket, equipped with a visual indicator to confirm the attachment is secured and ready to use. Versatility is also enhanced by Volvo pallet forks, offering high visibility and the advantage of TP linkage and parallel linkage. Ideal for pallet and material handling, Volvo forks are heavy-duty in design, allowing the machines to move around work sites such as yards, warehouses and harbours.

Keeping it moving

Owners will not only notice their fuel bills decrease, they will also expect a decrease in expenditure on servicing and replacement parts, thanks to the machines’ durable and low-maintenance design, which prolongs machine availability and enhances operator safety. Renowned for their reliability, the upgraded H-Series wheel loaders are built with an industry-leading, strong frame and central hinge, which, combined with the ideally-matched genuine Volvo drivetrain, achieve long-lasting performance.

The improved cooling capacity regulates the component temperature for greater machine utilization when using attachments that place heavy demands on the hydraulics. Together with the external axle cooling option – ideal for tough applications – the two features double the oil change intervals, resulting in higher uptime and lower maintenance costs.

Meanwhile, engine wear is reduced by the newly designed optional delayed engine shutdown feature, which shuts off the engine only after the turbo has cooled down to the ideal temperature. For added convenience, the operator can schedule when to activate the function.

Simple service and support

To maximize uptime, the engine hood is electronically-operated, offering ground-level access to grouped service points and the radiator, enabling daily service to be carried out swiftly and safely. A new cooler now slides out for ease of cleaning, while repositioned spouts reduce the time spent filling the engine and transmission oil. Service checks are also made easier in low light conditions thanks to painted steps and handrails, as well as LED lights, available in various packages that illuminate the cab and surrounding area, increasing visibility and aiding safe entry and exit. A three-point access ladder and anti-slip steps, plus sturdy and strategically-placed handrails further promote operator safety.

To reduce total cost of ownership and increase profitability through the entire machine life, Volvo supplies a whole range of customer solutions – from Uptime Services, Productivity Services and Fuel Efficiency Services to Genuine Volvo Parts. Customers can simply choose from various Volvo Services and package them into a Volvo Services Agreement.

The updated H-Series wheel loaders are production powerhouses, designed to achieve the lowest cost per ton. With the four key factors being low fuel consumption, high productivity, reliability and uptime, the newly updated Volvo L60H, L70H and L90H wheel loaders are a force to be reckoned with.

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