Scott Parnell launches new product to support digital railway future
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Scott Parnell launches new product to support digital railway future

Scott Parnell launches new product to support digital railway future

Network Rail-approved supplier Scott Parnell has launched its latest product for the rail industry.

The ARCOsizeZERO is an elevated troughing system for the easy installation of lightweight fibre optic cables which will form the backbone of the digital age.

The new product is an extension of Scott Parnell’s existing ARCOSYSTEM, but with a clear focus on delivering increased capabilities to the industry’s communications network.

ARCOsizeZERO is a flexible system made of corrosion-resistant GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) material. It comes in complete six metre pieces which are simply slid into position without the need for loose nuts and bolts – minimising installation time for on-site engineers and thereby reducing the risk from working trackside.

Unlike traditional troughing, which is unnecessarily bulky for this application, the latest product is slim yet durable: offering the ideal solution for installation projects in congested areas or over difficult terrain. Troughs can be placed alongside railway lines or mounted to walls for tunnels and bridges, taking up far less space than normal cable-carrying channels.

Established in 2012, Scott Parnell is a groundworks and civil engineering products specialist, and a Network Rail-approved supplier of the respected ARCOSYSTEM range of solutions. The organisation’s focus is on researching and creating innovative solutions for the rail sector.


Commenting on the new product launch, founder Steve Parnell said: “As populations expand and passenger volumes increase, the supporting systems will demand better connectivity. Telecommunications capabilities will rely on the development of infrastructure to support a modern IP network for track-to-train communications. The ARCOsizeZERO is aimed at meeting these demands, by offering a flexible solution for the distribution of fibre optic cables.

“We are delighted to launch this new product with a focus firmly on the future. The system enjoys the same benefits as our existing troughing products, but with the purpose of creating a fast and efficient communications network for both day-to-day rail operations and passenger connectivity.”

ARCOsizeZERO can be utilised in conjunction with ARCOSYSTEM Size 1 and Size 2, ensuring the product line is ‘future-proof’ as additional cable capacity can be added after the original installation.

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