A guide to Padlocks for Outdoor Construction use
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A guide to Padlocks for Outdoor Construction use

A guide to Padlocks for Outdoor Construction use

For ease of access in outdoor environments with multiple users, the construction industry relies on combination padlocks. One of the most popular ones in the UK include the Squire Heavy Duty Combination Padlock series. This padlock comes  40mm, 50mm and 60mm. The smaller padlocks have 4 dials which give a possible 10,000 combinations. The largest has 5 dials for additional security and 100,000 combinations. The code of these padlocks is resettable using a reset key and the button at the bottom of the padlock.

If you’re looking for added security check out the Abus 190CS series that can be used to secure gates, lockboxes and compounds. It has a high strength steel body and a special chrome plate to help weatherproofing. It is resettable using a reset key next to the dials at the bottom of the padlock.

Another popular weatherproof combination padlock is the Abus 158 series that comes in a long shackle version. This allows for the padlock to be used in some areas where you may have struggled to attach a padlock before. It has a hardened steel shackle and a robust cast metal zinc body. With 4 dials these padlocks have been designed for ease of use in mind. Therefore, anyone with the original code can reset the padlock using the mechanism at the bottom of the padlock.

For ease of access in environments with multiple users, the construction industry relies on combination padlocks.

keyed alike

If you need something with a bit more security a key system would be better to be used. “keyed alike” padlocks essentially mean that the same key will open multiple padlocks.

There are a great number of choices, including the budget options of the Abus 65IB series. This padlock comes in 30mm, 40mm and 50mm sizes. These come in a either hardened steel shackles or stainless steel shackles. The Hardened steel shackle is stronger, but may rust over time. Whereas the stainless steel shackle is weaker, but will not rust. Also, an engraving service is available for these padlocks with a certain number of characters able to fit onto the padlock depending upon which size is chosen. These types of padlock come with rust-free marine grade interior mechanisms. They have a 5 pin tumbler system that makes them secure against picking and a double bolted case to help prevent force attacks.


With the increasing expense of brass in the marketplace, the future lies with Titalium padlocks and the likes of the Abus 64TI series. Titalium is an alloy of aluminium and titanium. We expect in a few years most customer to switch to Titalium padlocks as the price of brass padlocks increases. It has proven to be both lightweight and strong with excellent weather resistant properties. This range comes in 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm and 60mm sizes. These padlocks have a hardened shackle with a nano-coating to help keep it rust free. As per the brass equivalent, engraving is also available.

There may well be a need to secure a gate, lock box or doorway, where you only want one key to open the padlock it comes with. You could then choose a “keyed different” padlock.

If you need a weatherproof padlock, look at something like the Abus 65IB series mentioned above or the Abus 70IB for even more outdoor protection. This padlock is distinctive due to its specialist plastic impact resistant outer coating with a removable cap to protect the lock mechanism. This has been designed for dirt and water to drain off easily. The padlock has no corrosive inner components and comes with a stainless steel shackle. It is available in 35mm, 49mm and 55mm sizes. A 5 pin tumbler and self-locking mechanism make it hard to pick and the body of the padlock is also double bolted to protect against force attacks.

For ease of access in environments with multiple users, the construction industry relies on combination padlocks.


Our most weather resistant padlock would be the Abus Submariner. With a combination of high-quality stainless steel components and a mechanism that can withstand salt residue, this padlock is great for the harshest outdoor environments.

There are also hasp and staples available to suit different doors. For example, the Abus vertical hasp and staple allows for closed shackle padlocks to fit the hasp and staple.

CEN insurance rating

Sometimes a higher level of security is required to protect things that are insured. The Abus Extreme padlocks have a CEN insurance rating and are weatherproof. CEN is the testing standard adopted by the major padlock manufacturers in Europe to help consumers and insurance companies use the same grading system for padlocks. This padlock is CEN insurance rated to level 3 but padlocks are rated through the levels up to and including CEN level 6. This padlock immediately benefits from a closed shackle design due to the high shoulders. The 83 series padlock use a ball bearing technology within them that can prevent force torsion attacks with crowbars. They have anti-pick barrels and hardened alloy steel shackles with the nano protect coating to prevent rusting. This padlock comes with a key retaining feature meaning the key can only be removed when the padlock is closed.

For ease of access in environments with multiple users, the construction industry relies on combination padlocks.

The Rock

The strongest padlock is the Abus Rock CEN6 padlock. With a hardened steel body and a special curved key way that uses a key that cannot be copied.

The Padlocks.co.uk website features advice on CEN grading to see what kind of tests are completed on the padlocks. These include tests for a number of key differ combinations, resistance to attacks on the shackle or locking mechanism and time it takes to drill or saw the padlock.

These high-security padlocks can come with a “key it twice” service that allows the customer to have a secondary set of keys that can be used to disable the first set of keys.

The padlocks can be purchased singularly or in bulk from Britain’s leading padlock outlet – Padlocks.co.uk, and there are varying levels of discounts for each product. Extra keys can be added to the order and reordered.

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