Energi Mine rewards EV rentals through partnership with 3F EV
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Energi Mine rewards EV rentals through partnership with 3F EV

Energi Mine rewards EV rentals through partnership with 3F EV

3F EV, an award-winning UK company which currently provides a fleet of Tesla models for rentals and car sharing, today announced a partnership with Energi Mine, the blockchain platform that financially rewards energy saving behaviour using EnergiTokens (ETK). The partnership will see 3F EV customers and staff rewarded with ETK.

Energi Mine is revolutionising the global energy market through decentralisation and blockchain technology with the goal of reducing global energy demand and carbon emissions. Energi Mine’s Rewards Platform incentivises energy saving behaviour with their own digital asset EnergiToken (ETK). ETK is financially tangible and can be used by recipients to settle energy bills, charge their electric vehicles at approved charging stations, or can be converted into fiat via an exchange. This financial incentive will encourage more people to change their attitude and behaviour towards energy consumption, motivating them to reduce energy waste, and in turn create a more sustainable planet.

CEO of Energi Mine, Omar Rahim stated “The partnership is aligned perfectly, as we come together with the same goal to reduce carbon emissions. We look forward to collaborating with the 3F EV team — their eco-friendly ethos and dedication to providing consumers with a greener option when choosing transport is second to none. Our partnership enables us to reward a whole new client base of sustainable energy users with ETK.”

3F EV’s mission is to create a system of sustainable transportation for widespread use, offering all-electric mobility services for personal and business use via rental, peer to peer sharing and executive chauffeur services. They are dedicated to creating a future in which cars of the future will be 100% electric, 100% autonomous, and 100% connected. The company is clearly making groundbreaking progress in the EV space, as the only all fully electric UK Tesla rental company to have been runner up as New Business of the Year and Green Business of the Year two years in a row at the Gatwick Diamond business awards.

The partnership with Energi Mine allows the integration of the ETK Rewards Platform in two different applications. Firstly, customers who use 3F EV’s services such as booking and driving a Tesla or any other EV will be rewarded with ETK for simply choosing to use their low carbon transportation as an alternative to fuel-based vehicles. With a huge clientele base of both professional and personal use, 3F EV will help facilitate wider adoption of ETK into the ecosystem. 3F EV’s consumers are already mindful of the environment, shown through their choice to use electric vehicles, which actively contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions. Though rewarding consumers with ETK subsequently encourages them to make it common practice. The second application is incentivising 3F EV employees to save energy at work whereby ETK tokens will be awarded for their part in decreasing energy consumption.

Funmi Onamusi, Managing Director of 3F EV said: “Through this partnership with Energi Mine, we aim to increase our customers awareness of sustainable transportation which positively effects the environment around us. Energi Mine’s ETK Rewards Platform is a perfect strategy for rewarding our environmentally friendly clients, and for encouraging more people, including our own staff, to make more mindful decisions over their energy consumption. I’m personally eager to see how this partnership can incite a real change in people’s attitudes and behaviours towards energy use, and the subsequent impact on the reduction of carbon emissions.”

Get involved today, help be a part of the change! For more information about EnergiToken and its energy-saving reward scheme or to become a partner, please visit www.energitoken.com, follow on twitter at @EnergiMine or join the Energi Mine Telegram group

Energi Mine is a blockchain and artificial intelligence energy solutions company based in Manchester. The company currently manages over $140 million worth of energy on behalf of its customers, looking after approximately 1,100 customer sites across Europe (UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands). Energi Mine is disrupting the global energy markets by building a peer-to-peer network to allow anyone generating energy to sell directly to another consumer. It has also created a platform for financially incentivising energy saving behaviour, rewarding individuals with tokens (ETK) with the goal of reducing global energy consumption.

Energi Mine’s advisory board includes Lord Rupert Redesdale who has an extensive history in the energy sector having been the Liberal Democrat spokesman for Energy in the House of Lords. Energi Mine is being advised in the UK by EY and Gateley plc.

3F EV Limited is an all electric car rental and car sharing company based in Surrey. The company has six locations across the UK and will soon open its first international office in North America. With almost half a million electric miles driven since 2014, 3FEV is leading the trend in promoting sustainable transportation via its three main services; rental, sharing and leasing of electric cars.

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