Energi Mine partners with eGen Scooters to drive down emissions with ETK rewards

Energi Mine partners with eGen Scooters to drive down emissions with ETK rewards

Energi Mine partners with eGen Scooters to drive down emissions with ETK rewards

Energi Mine and eGen Scooters have partnered up to help reinforce energy efficiency thus encouraging carbon emission reduction. eGen, the provider of high-quality electric scooters for universal use, will integrate Energi Mine’s blockchain-based EnergiToken (ETK) Rewards Platform, which incentivises people to act more energy efficiently.

eGen operates at the forefront of the rapidly expanding electric generation, as a leading provider of electric scooters. Using high quality lithium batteries to power their scooters and mopeds, they actively contribute to the provision of alternative, greener transport. Suitable for work, domestic, and leisure activities, eGen Scooters have the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions by providing industry-leading alternatives to fossil-fuel based methods of transport. Their passion for clean, sustainable energy consumption and carbon reduction, allies itself to Energi Mine’s values. By choosing to buy eGen scooters, customers are rewarded with ETK for actively helping to reduce CO² emissions.

Rene Perkins, eGen Scooters Founder comments: “Through this partnership with Energi Mine, we aim to increase the pace of change to clean, electric vehicles over carbon heavy methods of transport. Reducing carbon emissions is essential in order to tackle the huge issue of climate change and global warming. Energi Mine and their EnergiToken Rewards Platform, offers our customers an additional welcome incentive, in turn encouraging more people to purchase cleaner electric scooters. We look forward in anticipation to see what this collaboration brings.”

The partnership will see eGen Scooter customers rewarded with ETK for subsequently reducing the number of pollutant vehicles on the road, positively contributing to a greener, more sustainable environment. EnergiToken inherent value means that it can be used for things such as settling personal energy bills, paying for access to EV charging stations or cashed out via an exchange into fiat currency. The goal is to financially reward energy saving behaviour. As the ETK ecosystem expands to encompass the eGen client base, more people will become incentivised to act energy efficiently, which will result in a snowball effect of energy efficient behaviour.

Energi Mine CEO Omar Rahim said “By providing ETK rewards to eGen Scooter customers will help instil positive reinforcement in energy saving behaviour. At Energi Mine, we strongly believe that rewards need to be financially motivated before behaviour change occurs. eGen has a genuine passion and overt dedication to producing and selling high quality electric vehicles, which are sustainable and help to promote cleaner carbon reduction transportation versus that of “dirty” fuel-based vehicles.”

Omar continues: “Energi Mine’s partnerships continue to expand in preparation for trials. This partnership along with our increasing others will creating a new generation of sustainable energy users, in turn driving ETK into mass adoption.”

For more information about EnergiToken and its energy-saving reward scheme or to become a partner, please visit www.energitoken.com.

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