NASCO Load Indicators takes up distribution partnership for GKD safety systems
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NASCO Load Indicators takes up distribution partnership for GKD safety systems

NASCO Load Indicators takes up distribution partnership for GKD safety systems

NASCO Load Indicators has been supplying safety and productivity solutions for the construction and rail plant industries since 1999. The company has partnered with several market leading companies including, tiltrotator pioneers Engcon, Sitech UK & Ireland for Trimble products, Sany excavator dealer, TDL Equipment and their latest collaboration is with GKD Technologies.

New GKD dealer appointed

NASCO is now an official distribution partner for GKD, who design, develop and produce height, slew and load safety control systems for Road Rail vehicles (RRV’s), and general construction equipment, which includes excavators.

NASCO managing director, Neil Smith already knew of the GKD product prior to becoming a distribution partner. NASCO has been a supplier of machine control systems for 20-years. Neil had carried out several GKD installations in the past and knew the company’s founder, Nick Ground well. Neil reported, “Earlier this year we took the decision to look for a new partner – I gave Nick a call – he was more than accommodating and was happy for NASCO to take on the GKD range of safety systems as a partner – he knew we had an excellent reputation within the industry and was keen to join forces to widen GKD’s network.”

NASCO conduct a great deal of work for the railway industry, with various rail companies, where they undertake the company’s LOLER and PUWER inspections every six months, part of that inspection includes the machines which are fitted with GKD safety systems, so they were very familiar with them.

Glenn Wise and Neil Smith
Glenn Wise and Neil Smith

NASCO customers on board

Neil added, “We have been working with GKD for several months now and things are really beginning to take off. We have supplied a number of GKD systems to-date to customers such as B&T Plant Hire, Careys Group, P Flannery Plant Hire and FM Conway, who have taken a number of systems from us.

“B&T generally buy 50-60 machines per year and on the 20-tonne machines they always have the safety systems installed. We have supplied new and replaced their old system with GKD’s 2RCI (Rated Capacity Indicators) – the feedback we have had has been good and their operators have been able to use the systems without the need for training as the system is self-explanatory.”

Demand from the civil side for safety systems is increasing

Neil went on to say, “Liebherr in Biggleswade has also purchased two systems for two civil machines – a couple of material handler machines both fitted with the 2RCI system. We are finding that the demand from the civil side for safety systems is increasing which is mainly due to the main contractors – for example if you look at Interserve they have their own specifications on what the machine has to have – such as cut on overload, height and slew restrictions and special beacons on the cabs to indicate the machine is in working mode. Many of the big players stipulate that these systems must be in place.”

NASCO Load Indicators takes up distribution partnership for GKD safety systems

GKD systems win hands down in Plant Hire

“The GKD product is going down well – it’s a lot simpler for the operators to use than other RCI systems we have previously installed – where we get a lot of phone calls during the day from operators asking ‘how do we do this? How we do that’? Since we have had GKD – we haven’t had one call – now that speaks volumes for the product! The GKD systems really are self-explanatory and time is money.

“It’s particularly important in the plant hire industry where the same person is not operating the machine all the time as it’s out on ‘self-drive’ hire – the more time an operator is on the telephone trying to configure the safety systems – the less time the machine is working! So therefore, on general plant hire the GKD systems win hands down!”

Neil had an idea to demonstrate the range of products NASCO offers and following a simple post on social media looking for a partner – Sany dealer TDL Equipment ‘Tweeted’ back with an offer of a brand new Sany SY26.

NASCO Load Indicators takes up distribution partnership for GKD safety systems

Mobile Demonstration Unit with all systems installed

Neil commented, “We now have, in conjunction with TDL Equipment and Engcon, a mobile demonstration machine fully equipped with an Engcon EC204 with full DC2 proportional control. A Trimble Earthworks 2D digging system in partnership with Sitetech and the GKD SiteZone height and slew restrictor.

“The newly released Sany SY26 is the only one in the country and we are now taking the machine around the country hosting demos of all the various systems installed. It’s a try before you buy – basically a ‘Pick ‘n Mix’. We first launched this unit at the recent Hillhead exhibition – it went down a storm and our sales manager Glenn Wise has been booking in demonstration dates around the country.

“In conjunction with Engcon UK we will be hosting a live demonstration event early October, this will be a 2-day event held on a Friday – Saturday in the South-East. There will be around five machines available to try out including the Sany SY26.

“With our new partnership with GKD we are looking forward to introducing their products to existing and new customers.”

Post source : GKD Technologies

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