The Hyundai Effect and a new beginning for Hyundai Construction Equipment

The Hyundai Effect and a new beginning for Hyundai Construction Equipment

The Hyundai Effect and a new beginning for Hyundai Construction Equipment

Last week Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe (HCEE) invited me to their brand-new headquarters at Tessenderlo in Belgium to attend one of their Experience Days.

HCEE is literally using a hands-on approach, inviting potential customers to Belgium for a “total Hyundai immersion” program.

The Hyundai Effect and a new beginning for Hyundai Construction Equipment

Hands-on with Hyundai

All Hyundai’s guests were invited to their 10,000 m² demo site for a hands-on experience with a line-up of 16 machines, including the latest Hyundai models. The entire range of equipment was available for testing in an open operation area design to showcase Hyundai machinery in realistic working conditions.

The machinery included:

  • Crawler excavators: HX130 LCR / HX235 LCR / HX145 LCR / HX300 LR / HX520 L
  • Wheeled excavators: HW160 / HW140
  • Wheel loaders: HL975 / HL980 / HL960 / HL960 HD
  • Compact excavators: R16-9 / R17Z-9A / R35Z-9 / R60CR-9A / R80-9A

Paul Sysmans, Marketing Manager Europe at HCEE, said: “Our intention is to offer our customers, prospects and dealers a total and unique company experience which goes beyond the traditional trade shows. At Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe, we believe the best way to feel the Hyundai effect is to meet with us and exchange experiences.

“A vital part of the customer journey is the machine experience. That is why we invited our guests to lace up their work boots, put on their hard hat and enter the cabin of our world-class machines. The only way to know how Hyundai equipment will perform at a jobsite is to put it at work.”

The Hyundai Effect and a new beginning for Hyundai Construction Equipment

The worlds of HCEE

The second half of the Experience Day explored the whole range of services, technologies and products that Hyundai Construction Equipment has to offer.

Hi-MATE Remote Management system

Hi-MATE is Hyundai’s newly developed remote management system that utilises cell phone and satellite GPS to enable users to remotely check on their machines and access diagnostic information, and verify the machine location, all at the touch of a button.

Operating history is archived within the system, which includes real-time alarm information, geo-fencing and theft prevention, Fuel management as well as the Equipment’s performance report.

Kim Pan-young, Hyundai Vice President, was quoted: “By harnessing the power of information communications technology we were able to develop the Hi-MATE Remote Management System for our construction equipment. This ICT-based technology continues to propel Hyundai toward the future.”

The Hyundai Effect and a new beginning for Hyundai Construction Equipment

Hyundai Academy

The impressive Academy and workshop located at the HQ is where Hyundai delivers first-class training for their European dealer network in servicing and repairing their equipment. The full range of Loaders and excavators are kept in the workshop for hands-on training.

Spare Parts and Logistics

The new headquarters at Tessenderlo is built around a giant logistics centre, with space to expand the warehousing into the future. Hyundai Europe keeps over €16 million in stock and runs a tight delivery operation so parts go flying out as soon as possible.

Keeping a large stock of parts is vital to minimise downtime for their European customers. The investment in warehousing is an essential part of Hyundai’s future plans for Europe.

The Hyundai Effect and a new beginning for Hyundai Construction Equipment

Hyundai in depth

In addition to the tour of the operations at Hyundai Europe’s HQ, Tina Boënne, Senior PR & Communications Officer treated us to a glimpse into the Company’s history, their European distribution network, and Hyundai’s ambitious plans for the next few years.

Hyundai was founded by Jung Joo-young in 1947 as a civil works construction company, and quickly expanded into manufacturing cars, ships, construction equipment, semiconductors and computers, as well as many other products. By the mid 1990’s Hyundai had over 60 subsidiaries. His family still maintain a significant influence over the business and its goals.

Built on strong ethics and community, the traditional Hyundai logo represents two people coming together to shake hands, with the Hyundai name translating into Modernity, or Modern. Hyundai Construction’s new logo takes a new approach featuring two triangles to represent mountains, which is a very auspicious symbol in Korea. Hyundai Construction has subsidised the health service in Korea and funded a great deal of academic research.

The new challenge

Hyundai Construction Equipment Co Ltd was spun-off from Hyundai Heavy Industries on the 1st of April 2017 to give the business more agility and able to be more aggressive in driving them in to the future.

Kong Ki-young, Hyundai President, said: “Establishing an independent new company is a big challenge for us. Through this transition, we will strengthen our management team and focus on improved product quality and a more customer-focused design and sales strategy.”

The Hyundai Effect and a new beginning for Hyundai Construction Equipment

Digging up the world

Hyundai Construction’s goal for 2018 is a turnover of €2.5 trillion, which is spread around their key global markets:

  • South Korea – 20%
  • USA and Canada – 16%
  • Europe – 13%
  • China – 12%
  • India – 10%
  • Brazil – 4%
  • Emerging Countries – 25%

Vision 2023

Ambitious plans have been set by President Kong Ki-young in his “Vision 2023” plan, which aims to drive Hyundai into the Top 5 global Construction Equipment manufacturers, alongside Volvo and Caterpillar.

To achieve this Hyundai Construction plans to increase their turnover to €5.2 trillion by 2023.

The Hyundai Effect and a new beginning for Hyundai Construction Equipment

Europe a key player

The new 81,000 m² headquarters in Belgium is an essential part of their plan to expand operations in Europe, in line with the 2023 Vision, and represents a €30million investment to create a solid and strategic European base. Cleverly designed, the buildings architecture includes the subtle elements of Hyundai’s construction machines.

At the opening ceremony, President Kong, said: “We see now the completion of the new European headquarters will work as a catalyst for strengthening our presence in the European Market. We will exert our utmost efforts to rank global Top 5 by 2023 with the global annual sales of several trillion won.”

Hyundai Construction has a firm foothold in Europe, with a qualified network of over 140 dealers in more than 30 countries.

New beginnings for Hyundai Construction Equipment

Hyundai is “Beginning again with new innovations” with the slogan “Re-imagined – Re-born.”

Park Kiu-hyun, former Senior Executive Vice-President “In the beginning, when we entered the US Market, we thought we had a good product to deliver to customers. However, we received feedback from some customers that the machines did not perform to their expectations, and in some cases the product was returned.

“However, at Hyundai we were not discouraged. We focused our team and worked diligently to deliver our customers new and improved equipment. Through team work and unwavering effort, were able to see our company grow by delivering high quality construction equipment that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations.”

The Hyundai Effect and a new beginning for Hyundai Construction Equipment

New technologies lead to future innovation

Lee Sung-hyoug, Hyundai Senior Officer, said: “We have been driving our manufacturing process toward more innovative ‘smart’ technologies. As we evolve, we are improving our product quality and performance, while also improving employee efficiencies.”

The future of Hyundai Construction Equipment

Moon Weon-sik, Hyundai Vice President, said “We will become a solution-oriented company, focused on delivering cutting-edge technology.”

Building relationships

Tom Owen, Sales General manager, Hyundai USA, said: “Building long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers – that always comes first. Part of building those relationships is providing best class products and supporting our customers throughout North America. The customer always comes first at Hyundai!”

Corey Rogers, marketing Manager, Hyundai USA, said: “We do that by promoting the unique edge that we give our customers through performance, convenience, serviceability and safety when they choose our product.”

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