Boschung r-weather presented for the first time at Pollutec in France
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Boschung r-weather presented for the first time at Pollutec in France

Boschung r-weather presented for the first time at Pollutec in France

This week at the Pollutec tradeshow, in Lyon, Boschung presents for the first time in France its brand new multifunctional and modular atmospheric sensor, the r-weather.

The r-weather is a compact and unique atmospheric multi-sensor measuring air temperature, relative humidity, dew point, air pressure as well as precipitation intensity, type and quantity. It also measures visibility in the same enclosure! The r-weather includes a self-cleaning element, avoiding the presence of dust, spider webs or any other obstruction in the optics. In addition the device includes a heating system.

Besides focussing on a maximum reduction of the maintenance during operations, the devices needs very low power supply. Such modern features prove the following sentence in the French language: “Le r-weather est dans l’air du temps”.

Thanks to its proven design, the r-weather is ready to be integrated into ice-early warning systems for winter operations on French roads and highways, in cities or at airports.

All-in-one combination

The r-weather provides most of the present weather and visibility parameters needed for a comprehensive analysis of the atmospheric conditions, including:

  • Visibility
  • Precipitation type
  • Precipitation intensity
  • Precipitation quantity
  • Air temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Dew point / frost point
  • Barometric pressure
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Modularity

While combining an unequalled number of measurements, the Boschung r-weather enables you to select the parameters that are right for you.

Boschung r-weather presented for the first time at Pollutec in France

Maintenance-free for No Spiders

The Self-cleaning concept removes the spider web issue on road weather sensors, thanks to a compressor integrated in the back part of the instrument, the optical parts can be automatically cleaned by pressurized air in a very cost-effective way. Executed with predefined time intervals or after detection of debris, this cleaning process makes sure that insects, dust, water or snowflakes are kept off the optics.

A lens heating system means low maintenance and long-term reliability as the lenses present a superb dirt resistance. For winter environments, a heating system is available. This avoids the creation of ice and moisture on the lenses.

Ease of installation and operations

The r-weather is a very compact instrument. Having standard assembly handles, it can be easily mounted on a mast.

The use of only one cable from the data processing unit for the complete system also reduces the installation effort, even if a separated wind speed/direction sensor is integrated.

Thanks to its compact design and simplified measurement procedures, the instrument needs very low power supply, much less than the sum of several sensors. This enables the application of solar panels on far locations, where having electricity lines is difficult or even not possible.

Applications in weather information systems

The r-weather is an atmospheric sensor that is used as element of a road or runway weather station, such as Boschung’s GFS3000 and RCM500-NT. Replacing the standard atmospheric sensors, it makes Boschung’s stations belong to the most accurate, reliable and affordable weather stations.

Besides a use with Boschung’s weather stations, the r-weather can be integrated into any weather systems, making use of the common RS232 and RS485 interfaces, as well as open protocols.

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