Excavator licenses! Do machine operators need training?

Excavator licenses! Do machine operators need training?

Excavator licenses! Do machine operators need training?

Yes, not only does driver training make sense, it is also required by law. Although different rules apply across Europe, it is good practice for all employers to ensure their machine drivers are trained. A good option for doing this is the earth-moving machinery or crane operator’s license available, for example, from the SENNEBOGEN Academy in Straubing.

Every machine is only as good as its operator, and so for this as well as for safety and insurance reasons, they should have the best possible training.

Do drivers really need to be trained in operating cranes and material handlers or will years of experience suffice?

This question is posed by owners and operators alike. There are, however, rules and regulations in Europe that are quite clear when it comes to the training of operators. Work Equipment Directive 2009/104/EC specifies the use of work equipment. It mentions the “reasonable instructions to be provided that must also indicate the risk associated with the use of the equipment.” Thus, employers have an obligation to train their employees accordingly.

Excavator licenses! Do machine operators need training?

Operator license for material handlers and cranes: theoretical and practical training

In its academy SENNEBOGEN offers regular opportunities to acquire a valid operator’s license as a result of a two-day seminar. Trainees will gain the expertise and skills required to operate these machines and obtain their operator licenses for earth-moving machinery. Training is performed on a skill course and includes both driving as well as the safe positioning of loads during handling operation. The training course follows the conventions of the German Industrial Safety Ordinance, Technical Rules for Operational Safety (TRBS) 2111, German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) Regulation 1, DGUV Policy 309-003 and DGUV Policy 100-500.

Upon completing a final theoretical and practical exam, trainees will obtain their operator license and will be considered “instructed persons.”

Excavator licenses! Do machine operators need training?

What should I, as an employer, take into account if I need training for my employee?

It is always worth taking into account, in particular, the required certification for operator training and licenses.

The SENNEBOGEN Academy, for instance, is regularly re-certified to hold international operator training courses based on DGUV (German statutory accident insurance) policy 309 – 003 and ISO 15513 / SAE J 1238. Therefore, the certificate of professional competence issued is also valid internationally.

Excavator licenses! Do machine operators need training?

Operator license with added value from certified trainer

Driver training also offers the opportunity to test the machines in a wide variety of applications under real-world conditions. Topics such as fuel-efficient traveling, handling in a manner that goes easy on the machine, and efficient use of resources can be demonstrated in an understandable manner.

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