Clearview looks at lack of free parking driving jobseekers away
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Clearview looks at lack of free parking driving jobseekers away

Clearview looks at lack of free parking driving jobseekers away

A survey by Clearview Intelligence has revealed the importance of free parking at the workplace, with a lack of spaces, car park charges and inconvenient locations all cited as reasons that could influence a decision to resign.

Free car parking would influence 78% of employees’ decision to accept a job offer whilst one third admitted being late for work due to searching for a space.

It also highlighted the benefit of car parking signage which three quarters of respondents said they found helpful when searching for a space.

Andy Salotti, Clearview’s head of solutions, said: “Quite often employers and facilities managers focus on the ‘workspace’ ensuring that desks, chairs and computers are fit for purpose but in turn, overlooking the overall ‘workplace’. For most employees, that experience starts and ends with a car park and that should not be overlooked as it sets the tone for the day.”

When considering new employment, 78 percent of people said free employee car parking would influence their decision to take a job whilst 71 percent said a lack of free parking, a walk of ten minutes of more or chargeable car parking would influence their decision to leave.

The results of the survey showed that 37 percent of respondents had a daily commute of more than 30 minutes and upon arriving at work, two thirds could not guarantee access to workplace parking. However, when asked if they would be willing to pay to ensure a car parking space, 62 percent said no.

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Whilst 33 percent admitted they had been late for work due to searching for a space, 62 percent felt it had presented challenges with arriving to work on time, with 75 percent agreeing they found car parking signage helpful.

Andy said: “By clearly directing drivers to available spaces this eliminates the stress and frustration associated with circling car parks which can result in employees arriving late to work in a flustered and agitated state. The results of our survey clearly indicate the advantages employees see in workplace parking and as such, employers should ensure they are maximising this opportunity for the benefit of staff and subsequently, the business.”

Clearview Intelligence is an Intelligent Transport Systems company providing data and intelligence to network operators and road users. It specialises in providing car park management solutions including in-and-out count solutions, zonal and bay monitoring which can be used to inform operators about car parking trends and usage whilst directing drivers to available spaces.

Post source : Clearview Intelligence Ltd

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