Competency Management solution launches for the Australian Rail Industry
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Competency Management solution launches for the Australian Rail Industry

Competency Management solution launches for the Australian Rail Industry

Reference Point, the UK’s leading competency management technology company has announced that the new Rail Industry Worker Program’s (RIW) solution for the Australian Rail Industry has officially launched.

The RIW Program provides a single system for Australian rail workers, designed to establish a cohesive, national approach to competency management. The solution includes full competency and evidence records, job roles, employment, work associations and other information that can uniquely identify and verify the credentials held on a worker’s physical and/ or virtual smartcard assuring full ‘authority to work’.

Reference Point has been working closely with its partner, Metro Trains Australia (MTA), to deliver the solution for the Australasian Railway Association (ARA). The powerful RIW system is based on Reference Point’s market-leading SkillGuard technology.

Commenting on the competency management launch, Tanya Morris, Business Development Director at Reference Point said: “I am delighted that the solution has fully launched. As well as delivering the software, this has been a major transition from the previous system to ours and all the partners involved have worked together to ensure that the process has been handled well.

The solution will deliver against the ultimate objective of protecting and enhancing safety on the nation’s rail networks and we are proud to be part of this achievement.”

The ARA’s CEO, Danny Broad, commented that: “Metro Trains Australia and Reference Point have provided the ARA with the safe pair of hands that we were seeking to manage a complex service migration. Our RIW Program participants have already begun to tell us that the SkillGuard technology is easy to use, and that the feature enhancements now available are ‘exciting’; many have also said that they have no doubt that the service and technology changes will help support many business continuity scenarios for their organisations.”

Leah Waymark, CEO Metro Trains Australia, underlined the importance of efficient worker Competency Management in the rail environment. “Safety is of paramount importance and the RIW Program enables the Australian rail industry to seamlessly manage worker competencies online. The new competency management system is world class and our technology partner, Reference Point Limited, is the proven force behind the success of the system, which is endorsed by all major rail operators across Australia,” said Ms Waymark.

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