Saint-Gobain Pam UK’s Install Plus wins Highways UK Innovation Award
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Saint-Gobain Pam UK’s Install Plus wins Highways UK Innovation Award

Saint-Gobain Pam UK’s Install Plus wins Highways UK Innovation Award

Leading access cover and grating manufacturer Saint-Gobain PAM UK have received an award for innovation in the Asset Management and Maintenance category at Highways UK for their carriageway ironwork installation system, Install Plus.

The award recognised the system’s innovative design and best practice methodology, as well as the impact that Install Plus is having on the estimated £200m spent on reinstating prematurely failing ironworks every year.

Install Plus was shortlisted alongside a range of other breakthrough technologies, including satellite-based road condition monitoring and geophysical structural analysis tools. The system impressed the judges by its widespread usage and simple operation, requiring only a short training session to bring installers up-to-speed on the best practice installation method.

Saint-Gobain PAM UK's Install Plus shortlisted for Highways UK Innovation Award

Paul Thompson, Marketing Manager for Saint-Gobain PAM UK, commented; “We’re absolutely thrilled to have received the award from Highways UK for Install Plus as it demonstrates the system’s innovative design and the tangible benefits it can provide for asset owners across the country.

“We worked closely with a number of our key stakeholders, including customers, road management associations and industry figures, to develop Install Plus. By involving a number of different parties in the design and development process, we were able to understand their needs much better; the result was a system that not only helps to drive down whole life costs but is also easy to install and sustainable.

“We’re all incredibly proud of this award win, as to us, it showcases our commitment to innovation, progression and development in the municipals industry; an industry that we continue to lead right from the cutting edge.”

Saint-Gobain Pam UK's Install Plus wins Highways UK Innovation Award

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