Parking Sense and ParkHelp merge into ParkHelp Technologies to evolve parking sensors

Parking Sense and ParkHelp merge into ParkHelp Technologies to evolve parking sensors

Parking Sense and ParkHelp merge into ParkHelp Technologies to evolve parking sensors

Parking Sense, the creator of parking solutions reshaping the industry, today announced the company has merged with ParkHelp, and the combined company will soon rebrand as ParkHelp Technologies.

This merger significantly expands the reach of ParkHelp Technologies and its products, creating the widest and most unified range of parking sensors available to customers on the market today.

ParkHelp is a parking guidance system company and early pioneer in single-space parking sensors for both indoor and outdoor parking facilities. The company was founded in Barcelona, Spain in 2004 by Alexis Puig. The combined entity of ParkHelp Technologies is expected to exceed 1 million spaces under management some time this year.

Today’s news of the merger follows the appointment of Ed Robinson as CEO and executive director earlier this year, as well as Matt Taub being appointed Executive Vice President of Sales. Both Robinson and Taub will continue in their respective roles under ParkHelp Technologies. Alexis Puig, ParkHelp’s founder and CEO, joins ParkHelp Technologies’ executive team as Founder and General Manager EMEA and LATAM, and leads the design of next generation hardware and connected systems.

ParkHelp’s complementary set of sensors, including an ultrasonic indoor sensor, outdoor wireless sensor, and car counters are being fully integrated into a larger suite of sensors to deliver an expanded product line for the broadest set of customer use cases. The combined set of sensors will be immediately available to all existing customers and position the company as the premier provider of parking guidance systems. Moving forward, ParkHelp Technologies will continue to invest in the depth and breadth of its product line as they lead the disruption of the parking industry.

“This merger has proven to be a tremendous cultural and technological match. The first thing we started working on was integrating the product line across both companies so that our existing and future customers can seamlessly mix-and-match our wide range of sensors to suit the topology of their parking facility. We now have super accurate single-space sensors for covered and uncovered parking, from desert to snowy conditions,” said ParkHelp Technologies CEO Ed Robinson. “Different parking facilities need different sensors. For example, angled sunshine or low ceilings disrupt camera based systems; snow plows disrupt stick down floor systems. We’re now able to meet any customer requirement with the best technology.”

In early Q2, ParkHelp Technologies will release an improved outdoor sensor and a next generation parking camera to address critical gaps in smart parking technology for customers at hospitals, airports, shopping malls, mixed-use facilities, stadiums, and cities building out new smart city offerings. The camera is built on a new generation of technology, avoiding the IP issues that have plagued other companies in the industry. From early Q2, every ParkHelp sensor will ship with Bluetooth capabilities that enable organizations to seamlessly connect people to the business services they provide.

“Parking is the first and last experience a patient has at a hospital, and it is often a confusing, lengthy, and frustrating experience,” said Taub. “Parking needs to be easy to understand and take into account a diverse set of customer needs. For hospitals, timing can literally save lives, so bringing an ever wider set of connected sensors into the system is not just an improvement, it’s an imperative.”

Looking ahead, ParkHelp Technologies also plans to release a reservation system for medical centers, giving hospitals the option to reserve parking for patients and staff. The new system will allow hospitals to optimize existing parking spaces and improve occupancy turnover while also improving the patient experience and reducing costs.

“The future of parking will be built on the back of a robust network of sensors and an integrated technology platform combined with superior customer service—and we are very excited to be joining forces to help lead this change,” said Alexis Puig, ParkHelp’s founder and CEO.

The parking industry is estimated to be worth between $11 and $20 billion in the US alone, yet the smart/automated parking segment is still in the early stages of growth, with some researchers projecting an aggressive 13.4% CAGR between 2019 and 2025. With new leadership in place and as a result of this strategic merger, ParkHelp Technologies is well positioned to lead the industry through an exciting period of innovation and growth.

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