MANN+HUMMEL showcased new technologies for construction machines at ConExpo
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MANN+HUMMEL showcased new technologies for construction machines at ConExpo

MANN+HUMMEL showcased new technologies for construction machines at ConExpo

Predictive service, protection of valuable components and space-optimized use – these are just a few advantages of the new technologies presented by the filtration specialist MANN+HUMMEL at the CONEXPO trade fair in Las Vegas.

New software solution enables fleet operators to plan service precisely

Information on the status of their vehicles is a valuable asset for the fleet operators of agricultural machines, construction machines and heavy duty commercial vehicles. The smooth operation of their vehicles is only possible if the vehicles are properly maintained.

Until now, operators had to rely on their experience or fixed intervals to determine the right time for these maintenance operations. With its comprehensive software solution including sensors, MANN+HUMMEL is the first filter manufacturer worldwide which offers a solution for precise monitoring of the filter status.

This proactive monitoring offers many advantages over common reactive measures.

Maintenance times can be precisely matched to the machine schedule and reduce unplanned downtimes. This has a positive effect on the efficiency of the vehicles and thus reduces the total cost of ownership.


Cabin air filters meet highest standards and reliably protect vehicle operators

The drivers of agricultural tractors and sprayers are frequently exposed to harmful substances in the air. The new ENTARON CA category 4 cabin air filter reliably protects vehicle occupants with an activated carbon layer.

Furthermore, MANN+HUMMEL developed a new filter media that fulfils the US filter class MERV16. This means it reliably protects drivers in the cab of their construction machines against respirable silica dust.

Cabin air cleaner_ENTARON CA_Category 4_cutaway_H
Cabin air cleaner

Space-optimized air cleaners for demanding applications and varying volume flows

MANN+HUMMEL further expands its successful ENTARON HD range for construction machines with the ENTARON HD 13. This enables the two-stage air cleaners to now cover a nominal flow rate range from two to 13 cubic meters per minute.

The air cleaners impress with their award-winning styling (Red Dot Award) and also with their internal values such as a high separation efficiency and long service life which are critical for applications with high dust loads.

The IQORON VP range from MANN+HUMMEL offers a flexible filtration concept which shows its strengths especially in extremely dusty environments. The two-stage air cleaners which make the most of installation space complements conventional round air cleaners and with nominal flow rates from 14 to 33 cubic meters per minute provides the necessary flexibility for numerous applications.

The core element of the compact air cleaner series is the innovative filter element concept called VarioPleat. It provides a particularly high power density with filter systems with an axial air flow.


Reliable engine protection through urea filter module and fuel filter with three-stage water Separation

Urea filters are particularly stressed in construction and agricultural machinery. The use of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems in particular is a major challenge for off‑highway vehicles. The dust in the environment quickly contaminates the urea solution used to clean the exhaust gases in systems, since refueling takes place in a more polluted environment, but also because the SCR tanks are not sufficiently ventilated.

MANN+HUMMEL developed the patented urea filter module to ensure the best possible starting time for the SCR system, robust operation, well-coordinated service intervals and efficient protection for the feed pump.

In addition to reducing fuel contaminations, separating water from the fuel is crucial for reliable engine operation. MANN+HUMMEL offers fuel filters with three-stage water separation and high-efficient filter media. This ensures reliable and robust protection of the injection system over the entire service life of the engine.

MHT1348_ProVent² 500 with pressure regulation valve_h
MHT1348 ProVent² 500 with pressure regulation valve

Efficient crankcase ventilation system using ProVent2

The compact ProVent2 range for crankcase ventilation offers a particularly high separation efficiency and enables an easy service. The series separates the oil droplets from the blowby gas with a coalescence separator and reduces the remaining oil content to a minimum.

With an optimized filter element with a high-efficient media made from glass fiber and a non-woven fabric, the ProVent² range impresses with a service life which is up to eight times longer than comparable solutions.

Predictive maintenance_illustration with wheel loader

Fast and clean service through WAVELOCK spin-on filter concept

The innovative WAVELOCK spin-on filter concept enables easy, quick and clean service. The basis for this is a bayonet lock, which securely connects the filter head to the spin-on filter and thus simplifies servicing.

MANN+HUMMEL will in future offer its range of WAVELOCK spin-on filters as a modular system which is to be expanded in the coming years to include other sizes.

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