Motorcycle theft numbers on the rise – here is what you should do
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Motorcycle theft numbers on the rise – here is what you should do

Motorcycle theft numbers on the rise: Here is what you should do

Did you know that over one single day, 130 motorcycles will be stolen in the UK, the same number in the US and over 150 will disappear in Spain and France.

The ‘Telegraph’ called the rising numbers an epidemic of motorcycle theft which is difficult to contain. For close to a decade now, numbers of motorbike theft has increased annually. Owners and potential buyers are becoming more and more wary of the problem. However, each difficulty has its solutions. Here are the best tips for current or future owners which find themselves worrying about losing their possession.

Take matters into your own hands

Even though the police and law enforcement do have your best interest in mind, the recovery rates for motorcycles are close to abysmal. Vehicle owners in Western Europe and the US see a 40-50% possibility for recovery, which is not that great, while motorbike possessors can expect numbers closer to mid-high 30’s or low 40’s.

And it is not the fault of the police most of the time. While they are tracking, the criminal simply picks the motorcycle apart and sells those parts off. This is why you have to be a proactive motorcycle owner.

Park in places with other motorcycles, do not forget to use and buy locks, take out the keys, don’t leave motorcycles unattended in shady parts of town and also never hesitate to lock your motorbike to a massive, immovable object. Try to create every possible inconvenience to the criminal, so that they are deterred from trying to take your property. Finally, do not think that general knowledgeability and cheeky know-how won’t help you out.

Motorcycle theft numbers on the rise - here is what you should do

Additional security is available

Your options for theft prevention do not end there. You can install alarms, purchase a motorcycle cover or even go as far as building a garage…

But let’s discuss more plausible options, like an alarm system. If you do not already own one, install it ASAP.

Nevertheless, your current setup could be outdated or lacking. How to find out whether your system is good enough? You have to perform, read or watch motorcycle alarm comparisons. By knowing what features your system has and lacks, you can decide on if it is worth upgrading or not.

Don’t let up on your joy or passion

It could be easy to give up on your passion or hobby of motorcycles during this time. Even though theft numbers are on the rise, motorbike owners should not be discouraged. Only be on guard and stay aware.

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