Worldsensing and IBRAM step up to promote Brazilian mining safety
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Worldsensing and IBRAM step up to promote Brazilian mining safety

Worldsensing and IBRAM step up to promote Brazilian mining safety

Worldsensing has joined the Brazilian Mining Association (Instituto Brasileiro de Mineração or IBRAM in Portuguese) to strengthen its links with Brazil’s world-leading mining industry.

The membership sees the Internet-of-Things pioneer Worldsensing joining peers in the Brazil mining industry in seeking to establish a favorable environment for mining business, competitiveness and development.

In particular, Worldsensing is hoping to extend the use of its remote, real-time data collection, monitoring and management systems to ensure greater safety and efficiency in Brazilian mining operations. These systems are used in mines around the world from Sweden to Chile.

Through its Loadsensing product family, Worldsensing offers a range of wireless data acquisition technology aimed at enabling remote data collection in hard-to-access environments, predictive maintenance, reducing monitoring costs, ensuring workforce safety and managing environmental risks.

The wireless systems can be used for monitoring surface areas, tailings dams, leaching piles and slope stability as well as in deep excavations without line of sight.

“Our focus is on improving safety, which we know is also a top priority for Brazil’s mining industry,” said Steve Cahill, Worldsensing’s chief operating officer. “We see our membership of IBRAM as being central to developing relationships that can further this mission.”

Worldsensing has a long history of involvement in the Brazilian mining sector and in May 2019 the company’s Loadsensing product family was certified by Brazil’s National Agency for Telecommunications (Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações or Anatel).

The company also holds a long list of awards, including the Barcelona EU Business School’s 2019 Innovation Prize, a listing in the GSMA’s ‘100 Innovative Companies’ and a startup of the year award (Premio Inicia) from the prestigious Spanish newspaper El Periódico.

Loadsensing is the leading wireless monitoring system by IoT pioneer Worldsensing. The system allows mining operators to connect and wirelessly monitor tailings dams and excavations in over 80 mines across 20 countries.

Worldsensing collaborates with a variety of technology partners in the monitoring and mining industry to offer a global solution for safety monitoring and risk management in mines.

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