RSP Suction Excavators look to the Future

RSP Suction Excavators look to the Future

RSP Suction Excavators look to the Future

RSP UK launched in 2016 by Charlie & Lloyd Gardener and is going from strength to strength. The husband and wife team are passionate about bringing leading suction excavation technology to the UK to pave the way for innovative excavation which is not only more efficient than traditional methods but increases on site safety too.

“We want to encourage all industries to consider the use of suction excavation for the future. The benefits to businesses and contractors are abundant; maximising operational safety, reducing excavation sizes and reinstatement costs and eliminating the risk of costly and potentially fatal utility strikes to name but a few.” Commented Lloyd Gardener; company Director.

Suction excavation allows high powered fans to safely excavate up to 750m (depending on configuration). A surface area hole is created and the suction hose can be operated hydraulically and three dimensionally via remote control. The technology allows for one vehicle to excavate, collect, remove and transport materials making it an ideal solution for all industries. Compressed air (an air lance – included as standard) fractures the ground for the suction excavator to remove material safely.

RSP Suction Excavators look to the Future

All of RSP’s suction excavators are manufactured in Germany who continually develop the technology and remain leaders in their field. The internationally patented RSP suction principle guarantees the highest degree of gravity separation, lowest load on the filters, and consistently high suction performance. RSP Germany was founded in 1993 and has now become the largest manufacturer of suction excavators in the world.

RSP UK is unique in their approach, not only do they manufacture but they also provide back up and support throughout the life of the suction excavator as well as training and testing to ensure all operators are certified and qualified to operate the equipment. Lloyd commented: “It is important to us that our training and testing facilities are available to all suction excavator operators not just our customers. We are passionate about raising the industry standard and would encourage all owners to invest in training and testing not just to ensure the best use out of their excavator but also to establish the correct safety standards for their team.” 

Suction excavation can benefit several different industries but there are some that are yet to discover the power of the equipment. Utilities was one of the first to adopt the technology realising the potential. Clancy who carry out work on behalf of Anglian Water commented: “As well as saving time, the non-destructive suction excavation process enhances safety by minimising the risk of accidental strikes on buried utilities and service infrastructure. The use of the machines enables Clancy and Anglian Water to dispatch eight fewer team members to each job site, freeing up operatives to carry out valuable work elsewhere.”

RSP Suction Excavators look to the Future

With the economy kickstarting again and sites now back up to capacity the question around optimising the workforce comes into play. Suction excavation allows this to happen, although an initial investment; the time, efficiency and safety benefits outweigh the cost. The life of a suction excavator (provided all services are timely carried out) can stretch up to 20 years. Demonstrated by the first ever truck sold in the UK still being operational. Suction excavation can also represent a new revenue opportunity for contractors as the demand for their use increases.

RSP UK are located in Roxton but visit customers up and down the country.

Post source : RSP UK Suction Excavators Ltd

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