thyssenkrupp carbon wheels achieve worldwide approval for road use

thyssenkrupp carbon wheels achieve worldwide approval for road use

thyssenkrupp carbon wheels achieve worldwide approval for road use

Following the European road approval by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) in 2019, thyssenkrupp Carbon Components has reached a new milestone with their worldwide approval for road use. As a result, the German enterprise is the first and only carbon wheel manufacturer in the world whose wheels successfully passed all international tests with outstanding results.

The braided carbon wheels have an additional unique selling point: The majority of the development and production processes are patented. The resulting quality proved its stands and the thyssenkrupp carbon wheels successfully completed all necessary examinations for the German National Type Approval (ABE) as well as the JWL and DOT E certifications.

The JWL standard, on the one hand, is a set of requirements defined by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and applies to all wheels on the Japanese market. With those demanding tests being of no problem for the high-quality carbon wheels, Japanese sales have already started in cooperation with reputable distributors.

On the other hand, one can now also ride and race American road and circuits on thyssenkrupp carbon wheels.

For American motorcycle enthusiast to enjoy the powerful feeling of reduced rotating mass, all wheels have to comply with the requirements of the Department of Transportation (abbreviated DOT). The German manufacturer has also successfully passed the tests for the DOT E certification and, with Bilstein of America, has a powerful partner for the import and distribution of its carbon wheels in the North American aftermarket.

Every single carbon wheel indicates the international certifications which guarantees the compliance with quality standards as well as carefree riding on roads and circuits around the world.

CEO Dr Jens Werner: “The worldwide road approval has been an important step for us and allows us to meet the strong international demand for our high-quality carbon wheels ‘Made in Germany’. With us being the first and only manufacturer in the world that has successfully homologated its carbon wheels to ABE, JWL and DOT E standards proves our point. The foundation is undoubtedly laid by our unique development and production processes, first and foremost the patented braiding technology.”

thyssenkrupp carbon wheels achieve worldwide approval for road use

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