Deter dangerous crane climbers from your worksite

Deter dangerous crane climbers from your worksite

Deter dangerous crane climbers from your worksite

The construction industry is one of the worst affected industries in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Facing significant challenges both throughout lockdown and as restrictions now begin to ease, the sector has been shaken by numerous hurdles.

However, one predominant risk factor which compounds these current difficulties is the threat posed by trespassers and crane climbers in particular.

These individuals break into construction sites to ascend the expensive cranes onsite. The reason – a quick fix of adrenaline and attention on social media. Whatever their justification, there is no excuse for this damaging behaviour.

Not only do crane climbers put themselves at risk, they endanger the public, site employees and essential equipment. Should they injure themselves on site, potential law suits can cost companies millions, irreparably damaging their reputations – all whilst delaying crucial projects. It is now more important than ever to secure sites, protecting these individuals and your project’s profitability in turn.

Kai Stok is the founder of Stok K9 Security Services, who secure sites across the UK, deterring even the most resolute of climbers. Below Kai offers his top tips to effectively protect your site:


CCTV might seem like an obvious place to start, but ask yourself, is your current setup sufficient? A comprehensive review of your existing CCTV systems will allow you to detect potential blind spots for instance. You also need to consider whether your surveillance is linking back to a team of security personnel; the most advisable setup is one with cameras which are run in conjunction with an emergency response team. If alarms are triggered you want someone to be able to investigate right away.

Kai recommends using Passive Infrared Sensors (PIRs). These relatively inexpensive alarm systems can be placed around your valuable on-site assets, being triggered when encroached upon. When paired with CCTV, the cameras can then zoom, re-align or provide a separate angle with a better view. CCTV is a great start for any security setup, though it can certainly be built upon.

Manned guarding service

Any would-be crane climber is likely to be deterred by a team of physical guards on-site. Their presence introduces a new risk factor for would be adventurers. It’s also important to have a high frequency of patrols, mitigating your risk further.

If you’re considering having manned guards on site, consider whether the security guards you’ve hired are uniformed or not. People often respond more diligently to uniformed guards, for they automatically assume that these individuals have more authority.

It’s also vital to ensure that a rigorous vetting process is in place; any security guards you use should be meticulously screened. You need to be able to trust that your guards are capable of fulfilling their crucial responsibilities. All guards should be screened in accordance with BS7858 (the Security Industry Authority’s regulatory quality standard).

Trained dog handlers

Without questions, the best way of deterring crane climbers is the utilisation of security dogs.

Dogs are able to detect intruders from a distance, whilst their exceptional sense of smell equips them with finely-tuned instincts that humans just don’t have. If your client has cranes on their site, they almost always ask for dogs to be onsite for the duration of the project for that very reason – their efficiency is always evident.

Any dog handling service you use should be trained in line with British Standards 8517-1.

An ideal security setup is varied and comprehensive, accounting for all possible risk factors. By combining the services outlined above, you will give your site well-rounded, impenetrable protection that’s much more likely to deter trespassers than one technique alone.

Security is a priority that warrants significant consideration; as we continue to adapt amidst Covid-19, protecting your people and your assets could not be more crucial. Now is the perfect time to evaluate and perfect your security, don’t cut corners.

You can find out more about Stok K9 Security Services here.

Post source : Stok K9 Security Services

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