Holzer Tiefbau invest in new Hyundai HX220AL Excavator in Germany

Holzer Tiefbau invest in new Hyundai HX220AL Excavator in Germany

Holzer Tiefbau invest in new Hyundai HX220AL Excavator in Germany

Holzer Erdbau- und Baggerbetrieb from Oberhausen near Weilheim is a family-owned and run company operating in the south of Bavaria, in the earthworks sector.

The company’s business activities are focused on earthworks, civil engineering and demolition work. Quality, customer-orientation and sustainability plays an important role in the running of the business. Owner Jakob Holzer explained: “We have had a very good relationship with Hyundai dealer, Fischer u. Schweiger GmbH in Zusmarshausen for many years. When it was time to get our next heavy-line excavator for demolition and civil engineering work, we had no doubt that we wanted to invest in the latest generation of machines from Hyundai – the A-series.”

Excavator operator Peter Müller, who has 20-years of experience at the controls, is full of praise for his new South Korean work horse: “The excavator stands out from the others. It is incredibly quiet inside the cab, and because it is easy to preselect working pressure and oil quantity for the attachments, I have a really versatile machine.”

With its low fuel consumption, improved machine operation and improved availability, the stage V-compliant, 22-tonne crawler excavator is impressive. Holzer uses the excavator for demolition – where it has proven itself with a sorting grab, hydraulic hammer, pulveriser and bucket.

Georg Schweiger, managing director of Hyundai authorised dealer Fischer u. Schweiger GmbH in Zusmarshausen, looks after customers personally and meets with management and excavator operators regularly on site: “Construction equipment is at a very similar high-quality level, so service, support and quick help when there is a problem are very important. We know that many of our customers, like Jakob Holzer, do not have a stand-by machine at their disposal. This makes it all the more important for us to always keep the excavator at the highest level of availability, which is why I am happy to be on site and hear what the operators say – and they are more than satisfied with Hyundai.”

Holzer Tiefbau invest in new Hyundai HX220AL Excavator in Germany

Hi-tech excavator for civil engineering and demolition

Coming with a new engine platform (Stage V), a new hydraulic flow regulator, improved operator controls with 2D/3D machine guidance, new safety features, improved uptime and productivity, this 22-tonne crawler excavator will leave a positive mark on the construction equipment industry.

The HX220AL will incorporate some of Hyundai’s new technologies:

  • EPFC or Electric Positive Flow Control. EPFC improves fuel efficiency and controllability by means of a technique to reduce flow for excavator operations.
  • Auto Safety Lock prevents unintended operation/start of the machine of the excavator in order to improve safety.
  • Eco guidance indicates inefficient operation status to prevent excessive fuel consumption through improper working habits on the machine cluster.
  • MG/MC or Machine Guidance / Machine Control. Indicates the work status and automatically ­controls the attachment to assist the operator. The MG displays the position of the bucket tip ­in relation to the pre-defined target surface. The MC automatically controls the grading with the bucket tip or face and has an automatic stop control: up, down, forward and cabin protection.

All-in-one exhaust aftertreatment with the Cummins engine: best-in-class solution

The A-series stage V exhaust aftertreatment is based on an all-in-one solution, i.e. a unique exhaust muffler integrating the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), the DEF injector (SCR) and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). There is no exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). This results in an efficient, more reliable, and environmentally friendly solution with problem-free maintenance.

Operator Peter Müller (left) and Georg Schweiger, Managing Director of Fischer und Schweiger.
Operator Peter Müller (left) and Georg Schweiger, Managing Director of Fischer und Schweiger.

Technical data

  • Model: HX220AL
  • Engine: Cummins B6.7
  • Net power: 130 kW
  • Operating weight: 22,100 kg
  • Machine width / track width: 2,990 mm / 600 mm
  • digging depth: 6,730 mm
  • digging reach: 9,980 mm
  • Rear swing radius: 2,890 mm
  • Bucket Breakout Force (ISO): 165 kN
  • Arm Digging Force (ISO): 1 kN

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