CORE launches Construction Marketplace to connect workers and employers
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CORE launches Construction Marketplace to connect workers and employers

CORE launches Construction Marketplace to connect workers and employers

As workers navigate an unpredictable job market fraught with challenges exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, several Silicon Valley pioneers have joined forces to launch Core, an online and in-app construction labour marketplace.

Core bridges the gap between employers and the skilled labour workforce and was built to serve as a transformative solution, addressing the massive labour shortage for the world’s largest industry.

In its seed funding round, Core raised $4MM from notable investors including Pete Flint (NFX) and John Lyman (Google Ventures) in addition to angel investors Rob Hayes and Caterina Fake who fuelled companies including Trulia, Flickr, Uber, and Twitter.

CORE launches Construction Marketplace to connect workers and employers

Co-founded by serial entrepreneur and angel investor, Di-Ann Eisnor, formerly of Waze (Google), Core is a construction labour marketplace that matches construction/trade workers with general contractors, subcontractors, and companies. Eisnor, who was born into a family of tradesmen and truckers, has spent years working with technology start-ups. She launched Core with the mission of serving the workers she grew up with and helping an industry rife with labour problems.

On the launch of Core, Eisnor said, “Silicon Valley needs to do better. We need to work with the industry to support the trades. We need technology to serve workers, enhance our strength and speed, and keep us safer. The construction industry certainly doesn’t need us to tell them how to do their work better but they do want tools—this industry is teeming with innovation and excitement, and the time is now.” 

Representing 13% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the construction workforce shortage is one of the most significant threats to the success of the global economy. Despite employing about seven percent of the world’s working-age population, there is a persistent challenge to cultivate and hire talent. The manual way of matching contract work has traditionally relied on word-of-mouth referrals, leaving many qualified workers without an opportunity to enter the industry. Leveraging digital technology, Core is empowering workers with the tools necessary to find better-paying jobs and ease the stress associated with the labour market job search. The Company is working collaboratively across the industry with both union and non-union companies including, Factory OS, Blach Construction, and Urban Community.

CORE launches Construction Marketplace to connect workers and employers

“Practical skills assessment and matching talent to tasks has long been a critical challenge in our industry. We welcome Core’s offering of significantly improving the process,” said Mike O’Brien, senior vice president, Turner Construction.

“Men and women working in the traditional trades have a rich history—yet they are an underserved community that deserves better access to career mobility and growth. Core brings them online, creates a virtuous cycle between employers and employees, and connects them to training that expands their skills, capacities, and opportunities,” explained Caterina Fake, investor at Yes VC, co-founder of Flickr, and Core investor.

CORE launches Construction Marketplace to connect workers and employers

Core offers a wide range of services to help individuals “Build a Career that Builds the World.” Serving as a bridge between laborers, general contractors (GCs), and subs, Core blends technology with real human engagement using its “Global People Team” to scale referrals, deploy talent, and grow careers.

Eisnor concludes, “The trade workers are the ones who should benefit from career development, more money, and more access. In Silicon Valley we do two things well, solve problems with technology and focus on workers with career development and incentives—this is what we want to bring to the table.”

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