Meet the new REFORM Muli Transporter
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Meet the new REFORM Muli Transporter

Meet the new REFORM Muli Transporter

The REFORM Muli has proven itself for more than 50 years as a powerful and versatile transporter, that stands for safe and friendly work in any terrain.

The versatility and high payload, combines with maximum safety and the high operating and driving comfort of the Muli are valued both in mountain agriculture and in municipal applications.

With the models T7 X, T8 X and T8 X pro, the middle range of this popular vehicle series is now being renewed, successfully combining proven technology with innovative components.

Versatility with a new mounting frame and high payload

The front and rear of the Muli Transporter are connected to each other via a rotatable central cover that protects the propulsion and PTO drive from dirt.

The mounting frame has been redesigned and made even more stable. Despite the lighter construction, the torsional stiffness was increased and the axle loads increased. The resulting increased maximum gross vehicle weight is 8,100 kg (T7 X) and 9,500 kg (T8 X, T8 X pro), while the dead weight of the vehicles has remained almost the same compared to the previous models.

This means a payload increase of up to 20%. The 4 fully-fledged attachment areas (main frame, front linkage, mounting frame, rear linkage / trailer coupling) offer a high level of multifunctionality for a wide variety of work assignments. The lowerable suspension and the quick coupling system with PTO centring in combination with the REFORM loader wagon,
enable attachments to be changed quickly.

Meet the new REFORM Muli Transporter

Safety through off-road chassis, all-wheel drive and newly developed braking system

The special off-road chassis of the new Muli middle class ensures extreme slope capability while at the same time protecting the turf.

The optimal ground adaptation is achieved by the central tube construction with swivel joint. The robust portal axles provide enormous ground clearance and the best protection for the drive train.

The proven permanent all-wheel drive with 100% lockable longitudinal, front and rear differentials ensure optimum hold in every work situation. The slope suitability of the new Muli models is perfectly complemented by the high-traction tires, all of which can be equipped with snow chains.

The standardized additional wheels for the front and rear axles do not require any steering angle limiters. The newly developed hydraulic power brake system ensures shorter braking distances and higher trailer loads with reduced pedal force. With the help of a proportional spring-loaded brake enables a gentle start on a slope. The new Muli middle class can also be optionally equipped with an eddy current brake.

Comfortable workplace thanks to the newly developed driver’s cab

The newly designed driver’s cab offers plenty of space, and the tested cab stability ensures maximum safety. By mounting it on hydro rubbers, the vibrations have been greatly reduced – the improved sound insulation ensures a pleasantly low noise level in the cabin. A high-quality digital radio provides your favourite music and serves as a hands-free device or to control the navigation system and other apps.

The hydro-pneumatic independent wheel suspension (HCS) with trailing arm suspension and adjustable suspension comfort shows its merits especially in extreme terrain and when fully loaded.

Another advantage of the HCS suspension is that the Muli can be raised or lowered at the push of a button. This makes the hitching and unhitching of various attachments (e.g. tippers) much easier. The powerful heating and air conditioning of the new Muli middle class ensures a pleasant working environment in the truest sense of the word. The fresh air intake takes place in the front area of ​​the Muli, which means that fewer dust and dirt particles get into the driver’s cab.

Meet the new REFORM Muli Transporter

Logical operating with clear displays

All function switches in the driver’s cab are arranged in logical groups and attached directly to the dashboard for an optimal overview.

For easy and safe coupling of attachments, the new Muli middle class now also has external control elements in the front area. All the important functions of the Muli are combined on the armrest, which is fixed to the driver’s seat. This makes operation – even in a steep incline – easy, ergonomic and safe.

The multifunction joystick and the central controller R-Com are easily accessible at all times and can be operated with a supported arm. A central 4.3″ information display with 3 analogue displays and 32 indicator lights can be used both via buttons and can also be operated via the R-Com. The T8 X pro model is equipped with a 7″ additional display – hydraulic functions, automatic air conditioning and various vehicle states are monitored from here controlled out.

Economical through simple maintenance

All hydraulic components are neatly tidy in the newly designed technical room behind the driver’s cab. The AdBlue tank of the new Muli middle class was also positioned for accessibility.

The working hydraulics’ own oil balance means that no contaminants can get into sensitive vehicle components. Filters, fluids and lamps can be checked quickly and easily via a practical maintenance opening on the front of the vehicle. All components are accessible without tools. For more extensive repairs, the cab of the new Muli middle class can be dismantled quickly and easily.

Meet the new REFORM Muli Transporter

Environmentally friendly through economical engine and low pressure tyres

The new Muli middle class is equipped with a modern stage 5 diesel engine, which optimally combines power and torque with low consumption. The engine is equipped with a diesel oxidation catalytic converter, a diesel particulate filter, an AdBlue tank and exhaust gas recirculation.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the motor is one of the lightest motors in its performance class.

Low-pressure tyres, including the additional wheels that can be equipped on the front and rear axles, without steering angle limitation, ensure maximum soil protection.

As a result, the new Muli middle class reduces soil compaction and ensures a healthy soil climate.

The same steering angle on the front and rear axles also ensures tension-free turning in the field and protects the sward.

A wide range of road tyres are also available for municipal use.

Meet the new REFORM Muli Transporter

The new REFORM Muli middle class with the models T7 X, T8 X and T8 X pro will be available from spring 2021.

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