WorkerSense partners with TAP to deliver Health and Wellness for Construction Workers

WorkerSense partners with TAP to deliver Health and Wellness for Construction Workers

WorkerSense partners with TAP to deliver Health and Wellness for Construction Workers

Construction workforce management solution WorkerSense has announced its partnership with benefits-oriented software company TAP, Inc., with the purpose of improving physical and mental health and wellness within the construction labour force through a construction-specific benefits package.

As a result of this new collaboration, WorkerSense and TAP have compiled a construction-specific benefits package. The initial benefits include 40% off 24 Hour Fitness memberships, free monthly ClassPass credits, 10% off Sun Basket meals, 25% off unlimited Udemy skills courses, and a $55 unlimited line through AT&T. Depending on the benefit, tradespeople can access the discount with the WorkerSense Tradesman App, or are redirected to a TAP portal.

WorkerSense provides a feature-full wearable solution for the construction industry. The product offers top-down, sensor-driven insights into project teams, subcontractors, and tradespeople themselves. Employing a data-democratic approach, every tier in the project hierarchy shares the same data set, emphasizing production transparency, and safety attentiveness.

The WorkerSense Tradesman App for iOS and Android offers personalized health and safety recommendations, work history information, as well as project progression information, industry news, document upload portals, and more. With this partnership, it now includes a Benefits page, from which tradespeople across the US can now take advantage of a variety of health and wellness-related benefits.

TAP is a software company empowering independent contractors to build sustainable careers with the perks and benefits they deserve. TAP’s technology is designed to improve access to and reduce the cost of benefits for their partners’ independent contractors.

With people across the country struggling with mental and physical health problems at the hands of the pandemic, it’s more important than ever that workers have access to the resources they need to promote wellness. This is especially true for those in the construction industry, who suffer disproportionately with mental health issues, as well as facing risks to their physical wellbeing due to workplace conditions. The benefits provided from this partnership come at a vital time when health and wellness should be at the forefront of every contractor’s mind.

“This is one of the most exciting things we’ve had the opportunity to add to our platform. These men and women work hard, long hours, in varying conditions, in physically demanding roles – and then head home to take care of their families once they clock out,” says WorkerSense CEO, Canyon Dell’Omo.

“With this partnership, your average worker can now choose to eat a healthy meal for the same price as a fast-food option and take a world-class fitness class. It’s a win-win: Employers are now also seeing a heightened attentiveness to safety on the job site, increased productivity, and a myriad of other benefits that come with having a healthy and mentally-well workforce.”

“We are proud to be working with WorkerSense as it continues to drive innovation in site safety and worker wellness,” says TAP CEO, Daniel Gerow. “This partnership is focused on improving access to basic health, wellness, and benefits that have previously been limited to specific professions and industries.”

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Post source : WorkerSense, Inc.

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