Komatsu announces new Large Excavator and Bulldozer
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Komatsu announces new Large Excavator and Bulldozer

Komatsu announces new Large Excavator and Bulldozer

Komatsu has announced two new large machines, the hydraulic excavator “PC1250-11R” and the “D71PX / PXi-24” bulldozer that meets the 2014 standards of the “Act on Regulation, Etc. of Specified Special Vehicle Emissions”.

Komatsu announces new Large Excavator and Bulldozer

Hydraulic excavator PC1250-11R

This excavator is equipped with a new engine developed in-house, and while inheriting the product power and basic performance of the conventional machine, further production is incorporated by incorporating improvements in fuel efficiency, safety, and ICT functions such as KOMTRAX Plus.

This is a model change machine for 120-ton class hydraulic excavators that has improved performance and safety. In addition to the conventional power (P) mode and economy (E) mode, the power plus (P +) mode suitable for high-load work has been added as a new work mode in addition to the increase in engine output due to the adoption of the new engine. This has improved productivity (work volume) by 8% .

In addition, by improving engine fuel efficiency, reducing hydraulic circuit loss, adopting high-efficiency cooling, and adopting auto idle stop, fuel efficiency has been improved by 6% even when using power (P) mode. It also supports the safe and comfortable work of operators in the harsh work sites of crushed stones and mines.

In addition to being equipped with KomVision (machine peripheral camera system) as standard equipment, it is newly equipped with a hydraulic staircase (optional setting).

Komatsu announces new Large Excavator and Bulldozer

Bulldozer D71PX / PXi-24

The D71PX / PXi-24 is the largest newly developed model among Komatsu’s HST-equipped bulldozers, and is upward compatible with the D65PX-18 PAT blade specifications.

The HST that allows stepless speed change and the PAT blade specification that allows angle operation realize outstanding push-turning and levelling. In addition, the super slant nose design, which is a feature of the HST bulldozer, achieves excellent forward visibility, and the engine output has been improved and the newly designed large-capacity blade has greatly improved the amount of earthwork. In addition, the ICT bulldozer D71PXi-24 has a new ICT system “intelligent MACHINE CONTROL 2.0” is installed.

In addition to the conventional functions, the addition of a laminated embankment control function, a quick design surface creation function, and a straight-ahead correction function by blade tilt has made construction easier, and by adopting two antennas compatible with multi-GNSS.

As well as improving the reliability of construction accuracy, it also shortens construction time and improves efficiency, contributing to improvement of work efficiency and reduction of operator fatigue.

Komatsu will continue to pursue “quality and reliability” to maximize corporate value, and by outstanding value (solving ESG issues and improving profits through customer value creation), it is safe, highly productive, smart and clean.

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