John Deere 700L PL40 Pipelayer-Ready Crawler delivers power and performance
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John Deere 700L PL40 Pipelayer-Ready Crawler delivers power and performance

John Deere 700L PL40 Pipelayer-Ready Crawler delivers power and performance

Purpose-built with customer needs top of mind, the John Deere 700L PL40 Crawler provides a powerful solution for pipelaying applications.

Offering a lift capacity of 40,000 pounds, the John Deere-designed and -manufactured 700L PL40 model provides customers with operating ease and exceptional durability.

“Our customers face a multitude of challenges, from tight deadlines and budgets to adverse conditions, making it critical to have a dependable solution that can withstand the demands of the application,” said Matt Goedert, solutions marketing manager, John Deere. “With the 700L PL40, we are delivering a purpose-built solution that instils confidence in the operator while also tackling challenges headfirst. There is no need for fabrication work, as the 700L PL40 comes ready to bolt on the customer’s choice of sideboom. From increased visibility to enhanced controllability, the 700L PL40 delivers the performance our customers need on tough jobs.”

Equipped with a 135-horsepower John Deere PowerTech™ PVS 6068 engine, the 700L PL40 model boasts more hydraulic power compared to the base machine. This improves overall engine performance and increases peak torque in the pipelayer-ready model. The closed-centre, load-sensing hydraulic system includes a variable-displacement pump, and the amplified flow rates boost hydraulic performance. In addition, various controls, including Eco Mode, Auto Idle and Auto Shutdown, can be enabled through the sealed switch module to maintain productivity while reducing costs. The Eco Mode feature optimizes fuel economy by seamlessly adjusting the engine speed to meet the load. The Auto Idle and Auto Shutdown timers lower fuel costs and save warranty hours during inactivity or low use.

The purpose-built cab significantly reduces noise, increases visibility and enhances operator comfort in pipelaying applications. Customers can select a canopy cab option for additional visibility and improved communication on the job. Other notable features include an operator-focused design for easy entry and exit from the cab, a straight and centre seat with excellent all-around visibility, and a standard rear-view camera.

The seamless integration of pipelayer controls with the John Deere joystick controls further enhances productivity on the job site. The electrohydraulic sideboom control joystick combined with a proportional roller gives the operator precise control while using one hand to manoeuvre. The dual-path hydrostatic transmissions and the neutral counter-rotate setting deliver precise, predictable control along the trench without triggering abrupt movements. The built-in front console storage was conveniently designed so operators can cleanly install load-monitoring displays for easy viewing. The decel pedal offers multiple operator selectable modes, helping the operator customize his/her experience and increase ease of use.

Built at the John Deere factory in Dubuque, Iowa, the pipelayer-ready machine is designed to maximize uptime. The bolt-on design of the platform and mounting plates simplifies the installation of the customer’s preferred sideboom, reducing machine downtime. Other features, including standard reversing fans with large fin spacings and improved idler shims, preload springs and easier track cleanout, further boast uptime. Additionally, improvements to the hose and harness routings over the previous models reduce wear and leak points. Extended service intervals and grouped maintenance points reduce time and costs. The fast fuel and quick fluid service options also reduce time, getting the machine back on the job sooner.

The 700L PL40 rounds out John Deere’s line-up of pipelayer machines, which also includes the 850L PL100, 1050K PL170 and 1050K PL220. Machines in the PL line-up come with JDLink™ telematics for five years in-base. Uptime is further enhanced through John Deere Connected Support™, a suite of factory and dealer tools, including the Service ADVISOR™ Remote, which improve machine service and support.

John Deere 700L PL40 Pipelayer-Ready Crawler delivers power and performance

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