USUM Recycling celebrates successful Hyundai Wheel-Loader deployment

USUM Recycling celebrates successful Hyundai Wheel-Loader deployment

USUM Recycling celebrates successful Hyundai Wheel-Loader deployment

Engineer Sven Heinisch manages the corporate group USUM, founded by his father in 1992, in the town of Steigra (50 km south-west of Halle/Saale). USUM stands for Unstrut-Saale-Umweltschutz (Unstrut-Saale Environmental Protection).

The group USUM Grundstoffaufbereitung und Service GmbH operates a roughly seven-hectare industrial site on the recultivated former rubble dump site of an open-cast limestone quarry.

Today, the business has a team of eight employees and produces:

  • Compost certified for agricultural use by the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification (RAL)
  • Soil
  • Mineral potash fertiliser
  • Recyclable materials from mineral construction site waste

Since September 2020, the company has been using a new Hyundai HL965 wheel loader with an operating weight of 20-tonne and 201 kW net power (with a 3.5-m3 bucket) in addition to a new 13-tonne HL940A machine of the same series, with 116 kW net power (2.5-m³ bucket). Both wheel loaders are used for assembling and turning compost piles, loading recyclable materials onto trucks, and general loading operations and cleaning work.

USUM Recycling celebrates successful Hyundai Wheel-Loader deployment

Heinisch bought the new wheel loaders from the Hyundai dealership Tecklenborg Baumaschinen GmbH based in the town of Leisnig and had them custom-equipped to meet his specific needs. “The 45% subsidy we received from a programme for reducing CO² emissions enabled us to buy these modern, highly economical Hyundai wheel loaders, and trade in two very old vehicles,” explains Heinisch. Wheel loader operator Udo Hartung, who operates the HL940A daily through difficult and heavy recycling operations, is also delighted with the high-precision operability of this quiet-running wheel loader. The vehicle’s low fuel consumption of some six-litres per hour is also a winning factor.

A climate-controlled operator’s cabin is an indispensable feature for often odour-intensive recycling operations. The HL965 wheel loader is additionally equipped with a protective ventilation system from the company SEKA. The SEKA system isn’t required on the HL940A as the machine is fitted with the latest-generation cabin technology, however, it was the company’s choice as an added comfort benefit for the operator.

Tecklenborg takes charge of all loader service and repair work, and USUM Recycling is highly satisfied with the service they have provided. The wheel loaders are used for up to 1,500 hours annually.

USUM Recycling celebrates successful Hyundai Wheel-Loader deployment

Hyundai HL wheel loader

Automatic engine shutdown control keeps fuel consumption and emissions under strict control at the right time. When HL-series loaders are idling, the engine switches off automatically after the time limit set by the vehicle operator.

The standard five-speed transmission with direct-drive clutch further reduces fuel consumption. An ECO gauge enables consistently economy-oriented operation by frequently checking the machine condition.

The ECO display changes colour with the motor torque and fuel efficiency. In addition, fuel consumption values such as average consumption and total consumption are monitored and shown on the monitor. The standard ECO accelerator pedal distinguishes between economy operation and power operation.

Fuel consumption in economy operation is significantly lower. HL-series loader operators can set a “speed limit” for the vehicle anywhere between 20 and 40 km/h, as considered optimally effective for the given deployment.

Intelligent Clutch Cut-Off (ICCO)

In the H mode, the Intelligent Clutch Cut-Off (ICCO) reduces the power lost at the torque converter. The lower heat production through ICCO is of overall benefit to the fuel economy.

The hydraulic limited-slip differential both increases productivity and has a fuel-saving effect by preventing tyre slip.

New cabs with enhanced operator comfort

Quiet, safe and comfortable, and 10% larger as well – the new cab with roll-over protective (ROPS) and falling-object protective (FOPS) structures and fully adjustable driver seat provides the vehicle operator with an ergonomic and very pleasant workplace.

The cab has a high level of soundproofing and uses state-of-the-art noise-reducing technology to ensure maximum quiet during work in noisy environments such as gravel pits and waste dumps.

The new air-conditioning system maximises the heating or cooling performance with optimised air flow within the cab. The electro-hydraulic joystick enables simple control of the accessories, which benefits productivity and reduces fatigue.

An infotainment system is provided for the operator’s comfort and pleasure

Operating the seven-inch monitor is similar to using a smartphone display. The display is also larger than in the previous models, and easy to read.

The audio system, including the radio, has an integrated Bluetooth hands-free device and a built-in microphone with which the driver in the cab can receive and make phone calls. The infotainment system also offers the operator the means of using the Miracast wireless communication standard, which enables the operator to use the WLAN of his or her smartphone to put the functions of the mobile phone on the large screen – including navigation, Internet access, and playing videos and music.

All HL-series wheel loaders are optionally available with joystick steering.

Soft end stop

The touchscreen monitor and electro-hydraulically controlled levers are used to adjust the soft end stop, bucket priority and stop position for the boom arms and bucket.

The soft end stop reduces impacts and vibrations when an attachment approaches the end of its travel and provides impact-free “arrival” by automatically reducing the speed of movement at this point. This function can be deactivated at the monitor.

Precision weighing system

All models of the HL900 series are fitted with a weighing system. This system offers automatic and manual settings, and weighs individual bucket loads and total load weights within an accuracy range of +/-1%.

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