Innovyze and Técnicas de Ingeniería y Software bringing Smart Water to Madrid
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Innovyze and Técnicas de Ingeniería y Software bringing Smart Water to Madrid

Innovyze and Técnicas de Ingeniería y Software bringing Smart Water to Madrid

Innovyze, the global leader in water software solutions, and their partners Técnicas de Ingeniería y Software, have announced a powerful solution to upgrade water infrastructure for Canal Isabel ll of Madrid, Spain.

Commissioned to supply water from the River Lozoya, among other sources, Canal Isabel II has provided water to the people of Madrid for the past 170 years. Currently serving over 11 million people, Canal Isabel II needed stronger modelling software and live-modelling capabilities.

Innovyze has worked with Canal Isabel II for more than 15 years, beginning with sewer system modelling software. Throughout Innovyze’s work with Canal Isabel II, they have been able to use InfoWorks, the world’s premiere sewer modelling software. This has enabled Canal Isabel II to best meet their water modelling requirements and ensure quality performance for the city of Madrid.

“Digitalization in the water industry is critical. However, the wider adoption of solutions that leverage technology for operational improvement such as artificial intelligence will not happen overnight,” says Eduardo Martinez, Managing Director Técnicas de Ingeniería y Software. “This new progression with InfoWorks Pro is an important step for Canal Isabel II to move towards a smart water future.”

Utilizing InfoWorks ICM, InfoWorks WS Pro and IW Live, Canal Isabel II will integrate powerful water modelling software and benefit from faster, more accurate simulations for the city of Madrid. The improved modelling capabilities of InfoWorks software will use extensive UI that allows greater control of data with the potential for live modelling capabilities within the next two years.

“This upgrade to the modelling software used by Canal Isabel II represents a major step towards digital transformation of the water supply and sewerage services for Madrid. The InfoWorks software will be used to improve both planning and operations,” says Innovyze VP of Innovation, David Fortune.

To find out more about the Innovyze’s stormwater, sewer network, and flood modelling solutions, click here.

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