John Deere reveals their vision with Precision Construction
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John Deere reveals their vision with Precision Construction

John Deere reveals their vision with Precision Construction

Advancing its commitment to delivering smart technology solutions to its customers, John Deere unveils Precision Construction.

Paving the way for the future of construction, Precision Construction provides customers with a suite of technology solutions focused on maximizing uptime and delivering increased productivity.

This shift aligns the brand’s overarching strategic direction, which aims to provide intelligent, connected machines and applications that help unlock increased value.

“Since the beginning, delivering innovative solutions to our customers has been a core focus for John Deere, and the Precision Construction portfolio is taking that commitment to the next level,” said Andrew Kahler, manager, technology solutions, John Deere. “In recent years, we’ve unveiled an array of technology solutions that directly address our customers’ concerns on the job site.

Now, we’re building on that foundation, pushing down on the gas pedal, and moving the industry toward the next generation of smart machine solutions.”

With Precision Construction, the existing John Deere technology portfolio is restructured, making it easier for customers to select solutions that help them resolve pain points on the job site. The result is a suite of solutions focused on maximizing uptime and helping contractors efficiently accomplish more each day.

Organizing the current offerings into four focused pillars, Connected Support™, Grade Management, Payload Weighing and JDLink™ Telematics, this shift enables customers to identify and incorporate technology solutions based on their unique needs.

Moving forward, John Deere will add to the capabilities in these core areas while also carving a path for new introductions that further support the automation-to-autonomy journey.

John Deere reveals their vision with Precision Construction

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