Turf Production in Bavaria now relies on a Bobcat TL30_60 Telehandler
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Turf Production in Bavaria now relies on a Bobcat TL30_60 Telehandler

Turf Production in Bavaria now relies on a Bobcat TL30_60 Telehandler

Bayernrasen, based in Schwabhausen in Bavaria in Germany, has been a leading producer of rolled turf in the region since 2002.

Owner Roderich Graf von Beust now relies on a new Bobcat TL30.60 telehandler for daily work in both the cultivation and depot areas of the business.

The compact and powerful Bobcat machine has proved to be a valuable alternative for the compact wheel loaders that the Bavarian company would traditionally have used for these applications.

The new Bobcat TL30.60 is in daily use and can work up to 500 hours a year. The capabilities of the telehandler are ably demonstrated in various loading jobs at the depot, where it now handles around 95% of these applications.

“The wide wheelbase, the low centre of gravity, the 100 HP output and the cushioned telescopic arm enable quiet and safe work. Because of the machine’s own weight and the cushioning in the telescopic arm, the pallets of turf, weighing up to 1.5 tonne, can be safely transported and lifted without any danger of loader boom swinging,” explains Graf von Beust, who uses the machine himself every day.

In contrast to a compact wheel loader, the telehandler also has ergonomic advantages. Graf von Beust added: “A major feature is the low, almost ground level entry to get in the cab. Since you save two to three steps when getting in, the risk of accidents is reduced when getting in and out, which can happen up to 30 times per day.”

Turf Production in Bavaria now relies on a Bobcat TL30_60 Telehandler

A Tailor-made Machine

The new Bobcat TL30.60 telehandler was equipped with wider tread tyres by the local Bobcat dealer, Kamp & Wöhrer Baumaschinen GmbH, to meet the special requirements of lawn operations.

“When collecting the finished pallets on the cultivation area, the low ground pressure is crucial, as we can drive over the same area dozens of times. With the wider tyres, we avoid unnecessary soil compaction and thus make it easier to prepare the soil for the new sowing,” says Graf von Beust.

“We are of course pleased that we were able to provide the customer with a tailor-made machine in this regard,” explains Uwe Kamp from Kamp & Wöhrer Baumaschinen. “Telehandlers are versatile and are in increasing demand. Not only for use in applications like this, but also in construction and agriculture. This is also due to the wide range of attachments available.”

Versatile and Powerful

Thanks to its off-road mobility, the TL30.60 telehandler is ideally suited for working in the field in addition to lifting work on the company premises – a versatility that a conventional forklift does not have. But the telehandler also provides more than a forklift in the yard. In addition to the high performance and the compact dimensions of the machine, this is primarily due to the many attachments.

“Thanks to the bucket and the high breakout force of the telehandler, we also use the machine to create and turn over the compost heap. The latter mainly consists of the clippings that we remove from the cultivation area with a sweeper,” explains Graf von Beust.

It goes even further. In combination with a platform attachment, the telehandler is used to replace light bulbs in one of the 7 m high buildings at the company. “We have also pruned trees and placed satellite dishes with the machine. With the basket, this can be done easily and in compliance with all labour laws. In addition, you save yourself having to rent a separate aerial platform,” Graf von Beust added.

Turf Production in Bavaria now relies on a Bobcat TL30_60 Telehandler

Compact Machine Meets High Demands

“We deliberately looked around for a telehandler because of the wide range of requirements that we place on the machine. We chose the Kamp & Wöhrer range of Bobcat construction machines based on our relationship with the dealer and their proximity to us,” said Graf von Beust.

The high lifting forces and loading distances, the all-wheel drive and off-road mobility as well as the high performance in a compact sized machine all contribute significantly to the increasing popularity of the telehandler in the German market. In addition, there is a large range of attachments from Bobcat, which further expand the application possibilities.

Turf Production in Bavaria now relies on a Bobcat TL30_60 Telehandler

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